All Star Music Resort

I've stayed at the All Stars in the past and I've always said... as long as I'm on Disney property, I'm not picky. Well... maybe not so true. Let me clarify - I still appreciate any Disney resort. After all, every location has that "Disney touch". However, after staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I actually took notice of the All Star downgrades. 

One notable mention... the "family suites" are much more accommodating and spacious than the standard rooms. They include a kitchenette, two bathrooms and lots more sleeping space!

The All Star buildings are decently themed, but not "over the top" like so many Disney hotels.

The entertainment options are fewer. There are two pools at All Star Music, but neither has a water slide. They serve the general purpose, but lack the Disney "wow" factor. 
However, the arcade was just as good as any we've seen at the other resorts.
Beyond that, there wasn't much to offer in terms of recreation... no beach, trails, bike/boat rentals, etc. As far as planned group activities, there were a few. However, considering the very small lobby space and bland surroundings, all events take place by the main pool. This means that they're limited in variety and dependent on agreeable weather. We did enjoy a little poolside hula hooping and hot potato, though!

Don't get me wrong, we had a fine time and the accommodations were sufficient. However, it's the little things that make a huge difference. Some notable differences between Disney's "deluxe" and "value" level accommodations:
  • No towels provided at the pool (bring your own from the room).
  • Much lesser quality and quantity of room toiletries.
  • Disney "work" vehicles driving across the center of the property all day and night.
  • Much less friendly/helpful staff.
  • Much more crowded food court/ limited dining options.
  • Greater distance from all Disney parks/entertainment with no provided transportation except for... *gulp*... buses! 
  • Most common hotel choice for youth groups and school field trips. This means very loud, obnoxious brats everywhere. Believe me, this is worse than you think!!
  • Shoddy room upkeep.
  • Beds/pillows/linens much lesser quality.


Amanda said…
"•Most common hotel choice for youth groups & school field trips. This means very loud, obnoxious brats everywhere. Believe me, this is worse than you think!!"
Dang public school kids....LOL sorry couldn't resist. ;)
Dawn Sabato said…
I'm tellin' ya! Geez! I had to practically fight a girl in the food court just to get a taco salad! The little princess cut me off in line, then when I pushed back ahead, she pushed me with her chest & her tray. I conveniently did a hair flip that caught her across the face *oopsie*. Then she tried to trip me as I left with my food. Nice, eh?