Disney Explored: Pixar Parade/Main Street Electrical Parade

Disney can certainly present one heck of a parade! However, not every parade at the Walt Disney World Resort stands equal. As a prime example, let's compare a couple of the current parade presentations in the WDW theme parks.

Disney Studios is currently featuring the Pixar Parade. This is an afternoon event highlighting characters from Disney/Pixar's collaborative animated efforts. It is rather short, with mainstream pop tunes such as "Bang the Drum All Day" providing the soundtrack.

The Pixar Parade is absolutely a load of fun and the characters are evenly attentive to the entire crowd. BUT... this parade simply does not hold a candle to the famed Main Street Electrical Parade!

A Disney parks classic attraction, the MSEP only recently returned to Walt Disney World, Florida after a nine-year hiatus. Boasting its own medley-based soundtrack, the MSEP is a 3/4 mile long extravaganza of music and lights (575,000 to be "approximately" precise) featuring 26 "units" in 9 themed segments: Pinocchio, Dumbo's Circus, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pete's Dragon, and America. Hard to compete with that! This is without question, THE must-see parade at the Walt Disney World Resort.