Disney's Star Wars Weekends Sizzle

You've probably noticed that our almost-daily infusion of Disney has slowed down quite quickly as of late. There's a very simple explanation for this...


I apologize for the offense I am about to deliver to so many, but you have to be completely insane to plan your Disney vacation for the summer months. I know that this is when school is on extended break. SO WHAT! Let your children miss a few days, but don't torture the whole family with heat stroke merely for the accomplishment of perfect attendance! I'm tellin' ya... it's like death being served in the slowest manner possible.

Get the point? Enough on that rant, then.

So, point is... you'll rarely see us dragging ourselves out to the parks in the thick of the summer. The hotels, maybe... but not the parks. Harsh karma be to Disney for being sinister enough to plan the annual Star Wars Weekends event for the summer months. This is one of the very few things that can have the appeal to lure us into the brutality of the Florida sun. We broke down and went to Disney Studios during the next-to-last weekend of the event, knowing we'd be regretful if we missed the whole thing.

Luckily, neither Tony nor myself had any interest in meeting any of the attending actors from the films or voice actors from the animate series. In terms of characters, there were only a few that we really had a big interest in capturing photos with. One revolving character greeting area featured Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Darth Goofy and Stormtrooper Donald. Basically, you keep getting back in the line after each meet and greet and eventually you'll get the full group knocked out. We caught two of the four:

We missed Donald and Mickey, because we spent a great deal of time trying like crazy to get in queue for Chewbacca and any of the random Ewoks that joined him. At times, we'd get there and find the line capped off. Other times, it would be just an Ewok...

Finally... after FIVE attempts (even the attending Cast Member seemed happy for us)... SUCCESS!

Gino and Sierra, not nearly as interested in this mission of character hunting, opted to avoid the heat as much as possible by focusing on dining, shopping and other indoor events. They did meet up with us for a family run on the just-reopened-after-renovation Star Tours ride. I have to say... IT IS AMAZING!!! I cannot imagine how we're ever going to accomplish the feat of riding through all of the various ride versions. There are, after all, what... over 50 possible ride missions/outcomes? Maybe more... I just don't remember... but it's random, so good luck with that goal!

I did manage to buy myself one appropriate little souvenir from the event, however.


Amanda said…
"it's like death being served in the slowest manner possible." AMEN sister!!
I really love the Chewbaca pic with you. Very cute, you have such a big smile (so much in fact the first thing I wondered was if we ended up eating any of his hair LOL ;) )