Magic Kingdom - Country Bears Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree is an Audio-Animatronic stage show located in Frontierland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Housed in the appropriately named Grizzly Hall, Country Bear Jamboree was one of the original, opening day attractions at the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971.

Grizzly Hall welcomes up to 380 guests per show in this indoor attraction. Aside from the break from the Florida heat, you'll welcome the option to sit in theater-style seating during this nearly 16 minute performance. Over the course of the show, 18 bears, a raccoon, a buffalo, a stag and a moose will entertain the audience from multiple stages, and even wall mounts! The musical stylings of this country crew can't be beat. Complete with banjos, washboards and more, it's like a trip into the old west, or the bayous of the ol' south... if the saloons were run by bears, that is.

Aside from musical talents, your hosts are storytellers and jokesters with overflowing personality! While the crowds aren't what they used to be at Country Bears, it's still an attraction worthy of appreciation. No, it doesn't have the flair of TestTrack or the thrill of Tower of Terror, but it's a true piece of Disney history. If you went to Magic Kingdom as a child, chances are you remember the Country Bears fondly. It's one of the few attractions that has remained relatively untouched. Aside from routine maintenance, minor changes and special holiday makeovers, this attraction has remained as Walt himself intended. Surely, you'd love to share this memory with your own kids now. Remind them that some of the originals can be cool too. Personally, I appreciate the innovation and work that it took to produce a show like Country Bears much more than the technology that imagines up the rapidly-evolving futuristic displays we gawk at today. This one has charm... character. I mean... It has Big Al...