Magic Kingdom - Liberty Belle Riverboat

I hate to be so blunt, but I think it would take a wordsmith of Shakespearean brilliance to make the Liberty Belle Riverboat sound exceptional. It's not that there's anything wrong with it necessarily, it's just simply not anything special. It's a paddle-wheel style riverboat. They may not have one in every American town, but I wouldn't necessarily say they're astoundingly rare... and this one is really just like any other. Again, nothing wrong with that, either. In fact, I'm quite certain that's precisely what Walt would want here - simple authenticity. I'm just saying... Disney spoils us just a bit. I wouldn't think it too far fetched for a guest to get on here and truly expect it to convert into a submarine, Transformers-style. It won't... it's just a riverboat. Respect that, and appreciate it for what it is. If you need high tech displays and thrills, just skip it over. 

The Liberty Belle is the third incarnation of riverboats to travel the Rivers of America since the opening of the Magic Kingdom in October of 1971. Your nearly 13 minute tour circles Tom Sawyer Island providing an exclusive glimpse of areas hidden within both Frontierland and Liberty Square, including an old Native American village. The tri-level boat accommodates roughly 450 guests per trip, but very rarely actually receives more than a handful, so it's a nice, quiet break. The views (especially from the top level) really make it worth checking out. Boats depart several times daily.

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