Magic Kingdom - Astro Orbiter

The eye-catching, centerpiece towering over Tommorowland is more than just an interesting sight... it's the Astro Orbiter ride! Located above the TTA People Mover, Astro Orbiter provides breathtaking views from high atop the Magic Kingdom (especially dazzling at night). Think Dumbo, replace the elephants with rockets, and add some bravery to conquer the height - there you have the Astro Orbiter!

The Astro Orbiter features 12, open-top, rocket-styled ride vehicles (each seating two guests) that extend from a central axis, hub-and-spoke style. While circling 80 feet above Tomorrowland, guests determine the varying height of their rocket with a joystick in each individual vehicle, that controls the rise and fall of your rocket while in motion. The full ride lasts about a minute and a half.

When this attraction first debuted as "Star Jets" in 1974, space travel and rocket ships epitomized the ideas of our future. By the 1994 renaming, many had already come to see Tomorrowland as Yesterland, but the thrill of the high-flying rockets still remains. There is currently no Fastpass option for this attraction, and being that is a rather slow loader with low capacity, waits can be a bit longer than the appearance of the line may suggest. Don't forget... at the end of that line, you still have the elevator trip up to the launching platform overhead! Plan accordingly.

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