Magic Kingdom - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thunder Mountain from Tom Sawyer Island

Big Thunder Mountain is one of the "big three" top attractions at the Magic Kingdom. (The mountain attractions - Space, Thunder and Splash - are pretty much assured to have the longest lines in the park, so consider Fastpassing this one.) Opened in September of 1980, Thunder Mountain is 2,780 feet of wild west fun! Guests travel in a train consisting of five passenger cars that can each accommodate up to six people.  

Ride speeds reach up to 36 mph during the three and a half minute journey, and there's a minimum height requirement of 40 inches.
Thunder Mountain features twists, dips and sudden directional changes, qualifying it for thrill ride status. Your ride will take you through the caves, mountains, and waterfalls of Southwestern U.S. as you face floods, avalanches and other calamities.

TIP: The front rows have less of a "jerky" rough feel to the ride.

Experience it for yourself!

Can you find Thunder Mountain's hidden Mickey?

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