Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland Transit Authority

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover... or TTA... or PeopleMover... er, whatever you choose to call it... is an often overlooked, classic gem within the Magic Kingdom. Debuting in July of 1975, the PeopleMover provides a leisurely, bird's eye tour of Tomorrowland.

Guests load the PeopleMover via a series of moving conveyor walkways. The first, at the base of Rocket Tower Plaza, is on a rather steep incline as you approach the second level loading platform. This platform is a flat moving sidewalk. The PeopleMover is a continuously moving ride, and the loading platform moves at the same rate of speed as the ride vehicles. This makes loading fairly easy, but the entire system would be a nightmare to guests with mobility issues. Be aware of the unique loading system here and plan accordingly, with your needs and circumstances in mind.

Every individual, segmented section of open-air "trains" consists of five cars that comfortably seat four each. The seats are a cozy bench style, facing inward, toward each other. The environmentally kind process operating the PeopleMover is rooted in magnetics. That's right - magnetic force (rather than engines) pulls the ride vehicles along the "linear induction" track. After all, this is meant to represent an ideal mass transit system of the future. 

Your one mile trek will take you all around Tomorrowland, far above the crowds in a traffic-free zone. Recorded narration is your tour guide... and be sure to listen sharply for a pun or two! You'll pop in and out of the buildings within Tomorrowland for sneak peeks at attractions and shops, so this could be either a planning tool, or a good excuse to put your feet up and relax. Your tour will take just over ten minutes. 

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