Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland - Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is referred to as a "junior" roller coaster. In my mind, this equates to a step above the Sea Serpent at the county fair, but not Space Mountain level. Upon opening in October of 1996, this ride was themed around Goofy's Wiseacre Farm in the "Mickey's Toontown Fair" section of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. When Toontown was leveled to make way for the Fantasyland expansion in February, 2011, The Barnstormer remained, re-themed around the Great Goofini in the new Storybook Circus area. 

The Great Goofini invites guests to board a stunt plane for a high-flying circus misadventure through loops, swoops and swails. As you make your way through the queue, props will bid you warning that Goofini is not the most successful daredevil, but never fear - even his failed stunts remain in the safety zone. No upside-downs, dark spots or steep drops. Two ride trains, seating 16 each reach a top height of 30 feet and top speeds of 25 mph. The entire ride lasts just over a minute. The Barnstormer has a height requirement of 35".

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