Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland - Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan's Flight is an attraction that is near and dear to my heart. This was one of the areas I was assigned to when I was a Cast Member at Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. Not so surprising side note - this is also where I was working the day I met Michael Jackson and his sons. Yes it's true; Peter Pan's Flight was Michael's favorite, and when he came through, everything came to a halt until his party had their fill (three rides for a party of seven on the day I met him). I have to say, he was a gracious, friendly man. But.... I digress!

An opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom in 1971, Peter Pan has remained virtually unchanged, but ever-popular. The loading area for the ride is similar to The Haunted Mansion and Peoplemover - Omnimover style. For some reason, the moving sidewalk type loading poses more of a problem at this particular attraction than others, but then again, the ride itself tends to experience more than its fair share of "time-outs". Not to speak negatively of a ride I've confessed to adore, but as a CM I gained unique insight, and frankly - it was ALWAYS breaking down. Let's just say, it's not so bad when it's the usual 5-10 minute pause, but when you have to evacuate over London, it is NO picnic!

Once you manage the Omnimover and load into your "pirate ship", you're off! You'll fly high over scenes from the beloved classic Peter Pan, including a launch from the Darling family's nursery, over London and the mermaid lagoons of Neverland, before witnessing harrowing battles with Captain Hook and his band of pirates. All the while, during your nearly three minute journey, you'll enjoy the fanciful tunes from the charming Disney film. To this day, I still find "You Can Fly" randomly serving as a nagging earworm, but I do so love it!!

The scenes within this attraction always seemed especially impressive and detailed to me. The touches of fluorescent paint certainly add to the richness of the visuals, and the scenes themselves are just so much to absorb. You sincerely can believe - if just for a moment - that all of London is swiftly passing beneath you. This is also a fun spot for those of us who love the little hidden "Easter eggs" within the parks. Look for an Ariel lookalike among the mermaids, and a Hidden Mickey in a snack in the nursery scene. 

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