Finding Beauty in Central Florida - Pineapple Park (Melbourne)

Welcome to the second segment of my "Finding Beauty in Central Florida" photo blog series! In case you missed part one... I am attempting to dispel the nasty myth I repeatedly encountered online that there is simply nothing worth photographing in Central Florida. Central Florida is a big place, encompassing many unique towns and cities. Even if I am partial to Orlando, we are much more than that. Take Melbourne, for example... a quaint little beach town that I hope to explore more deeply in the future. For now, take a peek at this hidden gem!

Directly across the street from the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, you can find Pineapple Park (1521 Pineapple Avenue). Once a month, the Civic Center hosts a coin show. My day job has brought me here a time or three, and I can't help but notice how pretty this park is. Every chance I get to break away from the show, I trot on over with my camera. I rarely encounter other people here; when I do, they seem to just be jogging on by. It's a wonderfully peaceful little nook with a quiet gazebo, fishing pier, playground, countless sociable squirrels, and some insanely fun trees. Pineapple Park is situated on the Indian River, and the library is next door as well. I can imagine this is an outstanding spot to catch a sunrise!

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"The beauty of nature is the nature of beauty!"

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