The Challenge - Finding Beauty in Central Florida

I recently did a Google search for photogenic spots in Orlando and the surrounding areas. I hoped to find a few ideas to get my creative wheels a'turnin'. Instead, I found such a disappointing consensus - Time and again, I read opinions about the lack of beauty in the area. Photo pros and average Joes seemed to agree... there's nothing to see here. Various lakes, ponds, trees, birds, and more flashed through my mind - all things that I had encountered in Central Florida, and they were all beautiful. 

I feel a challenge coming on...

So I've set out to debunk this ridiculous myth. Orlando is arguably the Central Florida hub, and they don't call it "The City Beautiful" for nothing, folks! Welcome to the first of hopefully many segments of a special photo-blog series: "Finding Beauty in Central Florida". 

These were all taken at Bill Frederick Park on Hiawassee Road in the MetroWest area of Orlando. The following are taken from various areas of this 178 acre park. There is also a "children's farm" at Bill Frederick Park, which I will cover in a follow-up segment soon! For more information on Bill Frederick Park, visit Orlando Parks and Recreation. Click on any photo for full size.

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincent Van Gogh

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