Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square - Columbia Harbor House

Columbia Harbor House is a counter service restaurant offering lunch and dinner options at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It is located in Liberty Square, across from The Haunted Mansion. They do not accept reservations, but they do participate in the Disney Dining Plan. This location is themed around the Colonial New England coast area, with indoor seating options.

I'll admit, I avoided Columbia Harbor House for years of Disney visits. I am not much of a seafood fan; in fact - it would take an act of God to get me to eat it. During my childhood, a little seafood managed to make its way onto my palette, but only if it was cleverly disguised as something I already liked. I learned to like batter-dipped fish. It never occurred to me to give Columbia Harbor House a try, though... until I was basically forced into it. I was on a large tour of the Magic Kingdom, along with other new trainees working there, and we were all taken to lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Not much of a graceful way out of that, so I sucked it up and ordered the chicken and fish basket. I've noticed that I often make surprisingly enjoyable discoveries when I feel pressured into new experiences, and this was no different. That chicken was out of this world, and even the fish met with my happy approval. I also noticed that there were options beyond just seafood, and for that matter, options beyond battered and fried foods, too (for those who are healthier eaters than I). Options aren't abundant, but they're there. Average meal price, before drink and dessert, will be around $10, children $6.

Walt Disney World promo photo - Columbia Harbor House
Columbia Harbor House has exceptional appeal as a hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom. Though it looks rather small from the outside (and it's sometimes easy to miss!!), it is actually one of the more spacious dining establishments in the park. The ordering area features an open, airy atrium, and there are two floors of seating. The upstairs area is one to aim for if you have the option. Many guests don't even seem to be aware of it, but it provides ample space, and views overlooking Liberty Square. Decor and furniture in rich woods and ship accents tastefully set the tone of a coastal Colonial America harbor house.

Walt Disney World promo photo - Columbia Harbor House
*TOP PICK - What was recommended to me, I shall pay it forward - the fish and chicken basket! If you're a fan of batter-dipped fried goodness, this will certainly be well received. Choice of sides and ample portions bring this pretty darn close to perfection. ($9.29) I've heard fantastic things about the New England Clam Chowder as well. ($4.99) A notch above the usual Magic Kingdom cuisine these are top picks!! 

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