Magic Kingdom - Adventureland - Tortuga Tavern

Tortuga Tavern is a quick service restaurant offering lunch options at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It is located in Adventureland, across from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. They do not accept reservations, but they do participate in the Disney Dining Plan. Fittingly, Tortuga Tavern is themed to welcome pirates, rapscallions and scallywags for a South of the Border dining experience. 

This location offers both indoor and outdoor seating options, including covered and courtyard areas. Be forewarned - Tortuga Tavern is only open from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm on select (peak) days. Crowds at this location are hit or miss. I have seen extensive lines and I have seen tumbleweeds rolling around the cash registers... you just never know with this one. On the lesser crowded days, Tortuga Tavern is an ideal location for lunch. The theming is well done and not over done. It really is a suitable extension of the Pirates ride. In fact, after a refurbishment not too long ago, the name Tortuga Tavern was bestowed on what used to be El Pirata Y El Perico, as a nod to the growing popularity of the Pirates franchise.

The Tortuga Tavern menu offers traditional Mexican favorites including: burritos, taco salad, nachos and more. Vegetarian burritos and Caesar salads provide alternative options, with cake and gelato options for dessert, as well as a stellar Tropical Fruit Slush (passion fruit, guava, orange combo). Meals will cost under $9 per adult guest (before drink or dessert), $6 for kids' meals. 

*TOP PICK - Nothing here would be worth raving about if it weren't for the toppings bar! By this, I don't mean to insult the Tortuga menu, but the burritos and taco salad come minimally with the intention of the guest making it their own. You'll receive an item that seems to have some room for improvement - literally. Head over to the toppings bar for cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauces and more - making your dish a personalized creation - as much or as little as you want. Personally, I am always a fan of a taco salad. Give me the option to unleash my inner culinary genius on the toppings, and I'm satisfied. Some reviews I've seen condemn the beef as overly greasy. I don't quite agree with that opinion, but then again, I do kind of enjoy a greasy meal here and there - especially at a theme park. The Tortuga Taco Salad is hearty, yummy & enough to keep you content through dinner (can you say "value"??). At under $9, this one is a top pick!

For the full Tortuga Tavern menu, click here

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