Disney Kitchen: Coca-Cola Cake

It's not my norm to include recipes in my blog. Some might say it's not really my norm to cook or bake, but that isn't quite accurate. I actually spend a lot of time in my kitchen, creating... It's just usually too chaotic of a scene to even consider documentation or bragging. I thought this might be fun to include though - and it's not too much of a stretch for my blog. You see, the recipe I'm sharing here came from a cookbook I bought at Walt Disney World! Ha! See how I fit that in so seamlessly?! I'm a rare breed of clever, I tell ya!

If you have been to Epcot, you may have noticed a little nook in Future World called Club Cool. It's that hidden little gem where you'll actually find something FREE at Disney. That's right... free!! Club Cool houses self-serve soda fountains dispensing a variety of popular sodas from around the world. Grab a handy little disposable shot glass and dispense yourself a shot of each at no charge. Make sure you try the "Beverly"!! 

Post-guzzle-fest, you may take note of the treasure trove of Coca-Cola themed trinkets that line the walls and shelves of the merchandise portion of Club Cool. My family is rather loyal to the brand, and we've been known to make a purchase here from time to time. One of our favorites is the Coca-Cola 125th anniversary cookbook. 

You guessed it - every recipe in this cookbook somehow incorporates the American classic beverage. I would have never thought of using Coca-Cola in some of these rather traditional menu items, but the recipes included do offer a twist on the mundane. We were all particularly fond of Coca-Cola mashed potatoes. This time around, my daughter was looking to satisfy her sweet tooth. Coca-Cola Cake it is! (Click any photo to enlarge!)

This recipe is presented in two parts: the cake, and the frosting. I'm a wee bit scatterbrained, so one step at a time... 

Ingredients for the cake:

As the oven preheats, we gently combine the sugar, flour, and marshmallows...

Butter, oil, cocoa and Coca-Cola: stirring, and bringing to a boil...

After boiling, pour over the dry mixture and blend well, before adding remaining ingredients as per recipe above.

After pouring that ooey, gooey ball of ooze into a cake pan and plopping it into the oven, we're all clear to gather the ingredients for the frosting:

Once again, we're boiling the butter, cocoa and Coca-Cola to coat a bowl of sugar. This may not be the healthiest concoction, but it's shaping up to be sinfully delicious!

After a healthy dose of vigorous stirring, a gloriously smooth and creamy frosting will emerge! (Yes, we opted out of the pecans listed in the recipe. This was absolutely not by my choice, but the frosting was still outrageously good.) 

Completed cake, when cooled, is tempting to eat as-is!! Resist that urge and slather on the frosting generously. 

I absolutely love making cakes, and over the years I've gotten to be pretty good at it. My daughter and I have even taken cake decorating classes together, and I seek out the chance to make cakes whenever possible. Funny thing is - I am not a fan of actually eating them. I did try this one, and I cannot put into words how good it actually was! Moist and so full of flavor!! Cover and store air-tight, and it's just as good for round two! Another fantastic recipe find from the Coca-Cola cookbook!

Not heading to Epcot anytime soon? OR looking to save a couple of bucks on your cookbook purchase? Never fear - the Coca-Cola Store also offers this item available for purchase online!

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