Something For Everyone at Old Town Kissimmee

For as long as I've been visiting Kissimmee, I've been visiting Old Town. It is a different flavor of fun in a region known for limitless entertainment and amusement. About as often as I find myself recommending Old Town to visiting family and friends, I also find myself being asked about it. Just what is there to do at Old Town? What is it??

For starters, if you've ever been to Kissimmee, it's safe to assume you've seen Old Town. It's pretty hard to miss some of their star attractions...

If it's rides and thrills you're seeking, Old Town has a fair sampling to offer. While rides are not the sole focus here, there's something for every age, height, and courage level. Beyond the towering attractions, you can find bumper cars, laser tag, kiddie rides, go carts, a roller coaster, zip line and more! The attractions are grouped in clusters at either end of the Old Town "strip". 

Ride tickets are available for purchase at on-site ticket booths and online, but if you plan on riding more than a ride or two, it's a wiser option to consider the unlimited ride wristbands. For more info on current pricing or online discounts, check Old Town's pricing info page. Take note - many rides ARE priced and paid for individually, at their respective entrance areas. These include: bumper cars, go carts, laser tag, mechanical bull, slingshot and Vometron. And yes, you read that right... there's a mechanical bull!

My son tackled that one quite a few years ago. As a transplanted Texan, I must admit that my boy did me proud! He always seems to be the daredevil guinea pig for our amusement. Most recently, he tackled a new attraction at Old Town. Have you heard of Zorb? It's apparently not so easy on water...

It's especially tough when your family encourages the attendant to have fun with you...

One of the biggest benefits to Old Town is that is isn't a fast-paced, bustling theme park. Whether you live here, or you're spending a jam packed vacay running from queue to queue for a 60 second thrill or a photo with a talking mouse... sometimes, you just don't want to see another line leading to another ride. Old Town offers so much more beyond the rides. Another benefit: no admission cost to visit Old Town. If you're passing up on the rides, save your cash for some of the other amusements. Are games more your speed? How about a simple shooting gallery, or a busting-at-the-seams arcade?

After the rides and the games, it might be a safe time to relax with a meal. Even better, how about a drink or two? Old Town has you covered in the food and beverage department, too! While there aren't a whole lot of options, and they aren't the healthiest, they are certainly satisfying! Quick fixes are available at Checker's, Jimmy Johns and (our favorite) A&W. Snacks on-the-go such as popcorn and ice cream are on-hand, but you can also find a few spots to saddle up to a table for full-service dining. Additionally, Old Town has a few stand-out bars/ nightclubs. They offer unique menus of both food and beverages, and by day they are very family friendly environments. For a current listing of dining options, click here

Another thing that really sets Old Town apart is the variety and originality of their shops! The Kissimmee-Orlando area has no shortage of gift shops and novelty stores, but Old Town has all of the usual items, and plenty of very unusual ones! It seems that every time we visit Old Town, there's a new shop to check out, but this also means that some fall away. I'm still mourning the sock shop (yeppers... ALL socks), but the magnet shop is a favorite! This is located adjacent to the "leftys" shop... starting to see my point here? Maybe a fantastical photo tour will help where my words lack...

Not to play favorites, but we technically do have a favorite shop at Old Town. Thankfully, it is one that has been there for as long as I can remember. It's a popular spot called Black Market Minerals. My daughter and I could easily spend all day (and a hefty chunk of change) in this shop full of curiosities. They recently even added another of my favorite things - gem mining!

Maybe you're a bit like me, and you like an experience with your shopping. You certainly will find some interesting things to look at, play with and do while you're strolling the shop path. Don't miss the chance to hop into the past at Old Town Photo Gallery while you're here! There are no words to describe how entertaining this was!! Meet my family of gangsters...

Some of the sights you'll encounter around Old Town...

Okay, so some of the fixtures are somewhat creepy. Nothing outlandish by my standards, but then again, I know some children scream at the sight of Mickey Mouse... you never can tell. BUT... if you can handle a little scare, did I happen to mention that there is a haunted attraction at Old Town? Feast your eyes on Legends!

Photo: Legends: A Haunting at Old Town
Speaking of scares... Old Town is a fun alternative to the area's Halloween events! Though I am a HUGE fan of Halloween Horror Nights, Halloween is not the best night to plan on attending. Additionally, fewer and fewer people seem to be indulging in neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities. Old Town provides a unique, fun environment to explore, with many surprises - even organized, choreographed street performances of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"! Big plus... you can come in costume! This is fast becoming our family's Halloween tradition.

While we're on the topic of Old Town events, live music, bike nights and car shows are weekly affairs here! 

You can see that there is an awful lot to do at Old Town in Kissimmee! If you're still seeking info on what's in store for your visit, check out Old Town's official site for a complete and current listing of all shops, dining, attractions and events. There's a reason it's stood the test of time when so many other Kissimmee attractions have gone under. There is truly something for everyone here. And by the way... Fun Spot USA is right next door. This is obviously a win-win situation for amusement fans!! 

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