The Orlando Eye Installs the First of 30 Passenger Capsules

It's time for another update from I-Drive 360 and The Orlando Eye! On Tuesday, the first of 30 passenger capsules was installed, and I was on-hand to witness this event. This is essentially the icing on the Orlando Eye "cake", so to speak. We're nearly ready to climb aboard and fly high above the city for spectacular views nearly reaching the coastline. 

Already, The Orlando Eye is a sight to behold. From ground level, it's a beauty of epic proportions, and the surrounding lush landscapes and serene streams create an environment that epitomizes "the city beautiful". 

The first capsule is rolled out on a platform, and lined up with the spokes overhead. (Click on any photo for full-size image.)

Once properly positioned, the platform and capsule are raised to meet the bottom of the spokes.

Workers on either side check for precise alignment before attaching  the capsule to the spokes

When The Orlando Eye opens this Spring, this area will serve as the loading platform.

The Orlando Eye - Fast Facts
  • The passenger capsules were constructed in Germany before being shipped across the Atlantic to their new home here in Orlando.
  • Capsule installation is expected to last a few weeks, with each capsule taking approximately 2-4 hours to install. 
  • Each capsule is attached by a shaft and hangar, which a press release referred to as the "ski lift capsule design". This will allow for level ground within the capsule, so that guests can walk freely inside, taking in the full 360 views.
  • The capsules will feature air-conditioning, bench seating, light and sound effects, and interactive tablets. 
  • Each capsule weighs 6,600 pounds - roughly the size of an Indian elephant!

For more information on The Orlando Eye, visit them on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned here for the updates as they happen as well!