Capone's Dinner and Show - A Taste of Class

Knock three times to gain entry to this lavish speakeasy from 1930s Chicago... and you better have a password! 

Capone's Dinner and Show is a unique, classy experience unlike any other dinner show in Orlando. From start to finish, everyone is in character - and, what a bunch of characters they are! The show is simply the tilt in the fedora, by the way. The food is good enough to pass true Italian inspection, and the atmosphere is energizing.

Guests are invited to get into character. When you book your Capone's experience online, you have the option to add on fedoras, boas, flapper headbands, and more. If you fail to plan ahead - you'll have another chance to get dolled up at the gift shop, or in The Four Deuces Lounge. 
Once you're all decked out and checked in, whisper your password for entry. Don't forget to get smug for your mugshot! 
Plan to arrive early to take advantage of some pre-show fun at The Four Deuces Lounge, where the one-drink minimum is a small price to pay for the fun. Drink prices are reasonable, and the bartenders have heavy hands. Best of all - there's roulette! There are other party games and appetizers, but we never made it that far. 
Four Deuces Lounge is on the second floor of Capone's, behind the stage. The building is gorgeous overall, and very spacious. Even though it was a full house, it never felt mobbed (see what I did there?).  Parties are seated individually, on a first-come, first-served basis. Another good reason to get there early, in fact! VIPs and groups are given first priority.
Food service is also done in shifts. As you are seated, you are invited to serve yourself at the bar, and there is plenty of time for a return trip (maybe two, if you have the appetite). The food is of a much higher quality than I had expected, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Among the ample spread: a salad bar, carving station with steak, turkey, and pork, and just about everything in-between. The pasta bar covers every Italian angle, and picky kids are sure to be pacified by the chicken nuggets, french fries, nachos, and pizza. Dessert is also included - served toward the end of the show. Uniquely, alcoholic beverages are also included in your over-indulgent package. While the alcohol options are limited in the all-you-can-drink inclusion, you do get some appealing choices: beer, wine, rum runners, rum and coke, and more. 
As you're being seated, and enjoying your meal, the cast of characters will be weaving their way through the dining room. These guest encounters are priceless, as they demonstrate their skills at impromptu banter. We had a fun exchange with Miss Bunny-June, Capone's resident "blonde", in every stereotypical sense of the word. These interactions give you a nice introduction to the tone of the show, and keep the theme and vibe on-target and prominent. Before the show even started, my opinion (formed only by Four Deuces, the food, and the vibrant personalities) was already leaps beyond favorable.
Capone's puts on one hell of a show... there's simply no other way to say it. Full of song, dance, gorgeous gals, handsome men, and comedy, it's a nonstop parade of talent and amusement. There are plenty of chances for guest participation, but they do offer "private" seating away from the stage for those who don't wish to become part of the gang. 
The show itself lasts around two hours. Our entire experience at Capone's spanned about four hours overall, so the value is undeniable. Capone's is one of the most affordable dining experiences in the Orlando area, and discounts are impossible to avoid. Souvenirs are reasonable, as are the photos. I don't think I have ever purchased a photo package from a dining experience prior to Capone's. They tend to be drastically overpriced and bland. We couldn't possibly pass these up though. For only $30, we opted for the entire package: the newspaper, two keychains, and a booking file. An irresistible bargain, indeed! And you have to admit... they're cleverly done. 
I have to admit, there is nothing quite like Capone's. It's the kind of experience that can satisfy the most diverse audience. All ages and personalities will enjoy the full Capone's package. It's got value, quality, and talent; a must-do for all!
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