Exploring Artegon - Tiki Station

Things are always changing on International Drive, and Artegon Marketplace is especially full of ever-evolving hidden gems. When they say "experience unique", they demonstrate this with every new addition - from art to accessories, and every conceivable thing in-between. Recently joining the Artegon family, Tiki Station is deliciously unique, indeed! Smoothies aren't especially unique to most of us, but I assure you... you haven't tried one quite like this!

With a selection of flavors and sizes, Tiki Station offers tropical smoothies filled to the brim in a cored pineapple! This not only brings out the "yum" in this tasty treat, but it adds to that Florida feel. The small is not small, by my standards - it fills half of a large pineapple! If you want an excuse for togetherness, opt to share a large with a companion. Personally, I don't think I could share very kindly... but that's just me! 

Aside from the tasty nature of this treasure, the experience is a notable one as well. Not only is Alex a friendly conversationalist, but he's an artful master who takes pride in his creation. As strange as it sounds, it was fun just watching him smoothly craft his smoothies! I'd still like to get my hands on one of those handy coring devices! I've never seen a pineapple dissected so cleanly and with such ease. 

To learn more about Artegon's latest yum-tastic treasure, visit Tiki Station on Instagram or Facebook.