Exotic Bird Events at Central Florida Fairgrounds

The primary reason I shifted focus from writing for the entertainment industry to covering events, attractions, and tourism in Orlando was to show friends and family that there is so much more to Central Florida than "the big three" theme parks. As my audience has expanded - so has my coverage. This one is a leap, but not as much as you might think. After all, Orlando amusement shouldn't be limited to just attractions either! Consider this my first foray into the "shows and conventions" category... welcome to "Exotic Bird Events"!

Exotic Bird Events hosts the largest all exotic bird event in Florida. For more than 20 years, this event has dazzled fans of feathery creatures, with five shows annually right here in Orlando. 40,000 square feet of indoor space at the Central Florida Fairgrounds welcomes flocks of birds and bird lovers for fun and $avings!
Enjoy drastically discounted prices on toys, cages, and large varieties of bird food in bulk. If you don't have a bird of your own - you can get one (or more) of those too! Breeders and suppliers fill the massive indoor space with birds of every type, color, size, and age. There were many babies and hatchlings, and they were just so squeaky cute! 
It's the perfect place to stock up on supplies, or just glean some knowledge from the experts. If you're looking for creative accessories, there's plenty of those as well! Personally, I thought this "bib-like" bird shoulder cape from LaNelle Wolters of Big Bird Products is one of the most clever things I've ever seen. If you have a bird who likes to hang out on your shoulder, you can protect yourself from mess while offering your pal a convenient playground.
Even if you prefer to be on the spectator side of things, you can choose from a variety of birdhouses, feeders, and play structures to decorate your balcony or yard. Hands down, this one was my favorite!
While my intention was to let my bird-loving daughter get a few new toys or treats for her bird, the event was far too tempting to stop there. We may have found the most unique birds at the event, and we simply couldn't resist bringing them home - button quails! For only $15 a pair (they must remain coupled), we became the proud parents of a lively duo... and their egg, too!
Within an hour of bringing them home, mama quail produced another egg. Looks like we're officially in birdie business! The whole family has since moved into their new home - a large aquarium covered in soft bedding. Looks like we'll have a complete pheasant-y family in about two weeks. Total investment for the entire purchase - under $100! The smile on my daughter's face... priceless. 
The Central Florida Fairgrounds are located at 4603 West Colonial Drive. The Exotic Bird Events bird show takes place approximately every two months. The next show is scheduled for August 9. Admission is $5 (children under 10 are free), and includes a door prize entry. If you live outside of Orlando, check the Exotic Bird Events schedule to find other shows throughout Florida and Georgia. Absolutely worth the visit - to shop, find a new friend, or just observe the flock!