Prepare for Wicked Little Tales From Phantasmagoria

The witching hour is almost upon us Orlando, and are we ever in for a treat! You may think you've done theater... but you've never done theater like THIS! We were beyond honored to sit in on a rehearsal for Phantasmagoria's "Wicked Little Tales", and I've found myself speechlessly stunned. This is never a good position for a writer, and it's certainly not common for me! Fortunately... we have photos and video to guide our descriptive efforts.

Phantasmagoria truly incorporates every conceivable aspect of art and performance. Most importantly, they do it so well. Each player brings their own unique contribution to the overall display, and somehow all of those random pieces blend into a magnificent masterpiece that flows like a cascading sea - natural, smooth, and simply breathtaking.  
 By the way, this may be the perfect time to insert a little tidbit to ponder. There's so very much I'm not going to show you just yet. Though I'm just dying to spill the beans, alas... I cannot. There is one mammoth surprise in store for the audience - and it's so well done, so epic! You'll recognize it, but you've never seen it quite like this. It's frightfully colossal, and it'll haunt you well after the show has concluded. 
 "Wicked Little Tales" will take you on a journey through the stories you only thought you knew, depicting them in a way that will twist your memories, and delight your imagination. It's an entirely new rabbit hole, and a dark realm of wonder. 
 Legends and lore... song and dance... in-your-face merriment with a sharp tug of horror, and fantasy shrouded in fear. 
 This performance is laid out by 16 immeasurably talented players paralleling  charmingly wicked tones. Costuming, lighting - it's all part of the interwoven tapestry that completes a magical menagerie. Even in rehearsal-mode, it's a flawless design. 
 Orlando is home to such an admirable wealth of talent and amusement, and Phantasmagoria represents us so well. I'm a little bit prouder of my hometown tonight, with this fine troupe representing us. They will soon be embarking on new adventures as their performances evolve into a full-blown road show. The first stop in their journey will be Atlanta, with 2016 holding great promise for the troupe's vibrant future. 
 This show will leave you regretting those years you failed to explore your skills in theater, as you'll wish you could be a meager part in the family that is Phantasmagoria. You'll also immediately be hungry for more. When that famished feeling hits, just remember... Phantasmagoria VI awaits you in September, with even more to tantalize and dazzle your senses. 
So, enough with the photos already... how about a video preview? Keep in mind, this is only a small sampling of snippets from the early moments of rehearsal! It only gets better from here! 

For more information on Phantasmagoria's past, present, and future, visit their website (but perhaps you'd do well to purchase those tickets first - Orlando July 24-26, Atlanta July 31-August 2).