The Circus Comes to Pirate's Town With Cirque Magique

I think it's becoming obvious that we are loyal fans of Pirate's Town and their roster of unique dinner shows. This seems like a very good thing, but it can backfire. They've set the bar so high thus far, that our expectations are quite unyielding. When you see that someone is capable of such impressive offerings, a standard is set, and the reaction to a less-than-stellar experience can be much more dramatic when you are used to being so dazzled. This is not a fly-by-night operation - they're seasoned pros. They know better than to give it less than their best, so there's not much excuse for failing to provide the service and quality that they're known for. Before our most recent visit to Pirate's Town, I must admit that I was concerned. Their newest show, Cirque Magique, is the fourth in their repertoire. Sometimes, the same performers will play dual roles, switching from one show to another in the same day. My initial thought was... how much can they handle without sacrificing quality? This may be the show that officially overwhelms them, I feared. Frankly, I was so concerned about bursting my Pirate's Town bubble that I almost regretted my plans to go. I'll sheepishly eat crow now... I should've known better than to reveal my pessimistic side. I don't know how, but they've done it again!

Right away, let's start with the food... because they certainly did! We barely had a chance to sit down before our orders were taken. Menu choices were cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and vegetarian lasagna. Although I had seen hot dogs mentioned as an option online, this was not offered to us. I'm not a fan of hot dogs, so this was no problem for me. We both opted for cheeseburgers, which were delivered with a smile in a snap! They came with french fries, a couple of huge onion rings, and a pickle spear. The burger was so big that I could barely get my mouth around it, and it was extremely good. After gluttonous consumption, I was actually a bit scared thinking that we still had dessert to accommodate! 
Thankfully, there was a little break before dessert made its appearance. There was no way I was passing up three creamy scoops of ice cream with chocolate and caramel syrups and sprinkles! Not enough YUM in the world to cover this scrumptious, sinful delight!
Although the food is satisfying and delicious, the real highlight of any Pirate's Town visit is the show. Pirate's Town is divided into two performance theaters with separate entries. There's the main entry facing Carrier Drive that hosts Pirate's Dinner Adventure and Three Musketeers: Voyage Home; and then there's the International Drive oriented entrance that welcomes guests to Treasure Tavern and Cirque Magique. Both are very different venues. I personally prefer the layout and intimacy of the Treasure Tavern theater. There is no bad seat - especially with the clever stage platform that raises and lowers throughout the show!
Cirque Magique differs from its Treasure Tavern counterpart in the sense that it is meant to hold generational appeal. It is a family show, whereas Treasure Tavern is more mature in nature. As the name implies - it's all about the circus here at Cirque Magique, and you'll relish in all of the hoopla and merriment that delivers more ooohs and aaahs than a Ringling Brothers spectacle. There's high-flying, death-defying displays, feats of wonder, and of course - they bring on the clowns!
What you won't see at Cirque Magique is a pack of prancing pachyderms, but you will thoroughly enjoy the dancing poodles! And their talents don't end with their twinkle-toes, either! These pretty pooches perform a variety of tricks, including jumping a hula hoop and leaping over hurdles.
Cirque Magique will leave you laughing, as well as scratching your head. You'll not only wonder how they do it - you'll wonder how they even thought of it! Just as all of the Pirate's Town shows, the planning of the included routines is brilliant. You never know what to expect as performers quick-swap positions at center stage with a wide variety of props and skills to amaze and amuse. 
Though the cast is not exceptionally large, their ability to flawlessly demonstrate a wide variety of show-stopping talents and quick-change wardrobe swaps gives the appearance of an army of contributors. Keep in mind, some of those very performers are also managing to serve your food and drinks between routines!
It wouldn't be a Pirate's Town show if there wasn't spellbinding dance involved. Music and dance are a staple at Pirate's Town, and the masterful methods incorporated in Cirque Magique fall into place so magically! Even the music accompanying non-dance skits was catchy and fun. Another aspect to count on at Pirate's Town is audience participation - and Cirque Magique may be the show with the very best opportunities for guest involvement. 

Pirate's Town's reputation is still untarnished in my eyes. With non-stop action and top-notch talent, it's splendidly obvious that "overwhelm" is simply not in the Pirate's Town vocabulary. Personally, I'm as perplexed by their ability to successfully wear so many hats as I am by the depth of the skills they possess, but there's no denying it... this makes a certified grand slam for this immeasurably entertaining venue. 

Cirque Magique showtimes are Tuesday through Saturday at 6:00PM, Sunday matinees begin at 3:30PM. Tickets are $32.45 for children (3-12), $45.95 for adults. Don't forget to check their website for discount offers! "Like" Cirque Magique on Facebook for more information and special events.