Repticon Strikes in Orlando

Repticon descended upon Orlando December 5 and 6 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The event travels throughout the country with various stops across Florida. Repticon connects consumers with animal breeders, trainers and product suppliers. Aside from presenting the public with hard-to-find merchandise at a discount, the convention hosts vendors and animal trainers who provide educational demonstrations throughout the weekend. 

Obviously, a Repticon highlight is the critter population - and what a diverse population it is! I have to admit that I am not a big fan of snakes. I'm okay with looking at them... when they're tightly secured in enclosed containers. I was immediately unnerved when I took notice of numerous snakes traveling the expo floor with their owners. Young and old alike roamed freely with snakes wrapped around their arms and necks. I handled it like a true pro though - I just kept a little distance. I think the small number of random tarantulas won the honor of being the only non-human guests that I just couldn't function near. 
Snakes were not the only creatures on display at Repticon. There were frogs, turtles, tortoises and lizards of all sizes, breeds, colors and types as well. All of these I can coexist with just fine, so I did spend more time checking them out. From the common to the very rare, there was a surprisingly large menagerie of reptiles to examine, gawk at and adopt. 
Personally, I prefer my animals to have fur, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when we encountered a sugar glider. It seemed equally fascinated by my daughter. 
Fur isn't always essential though. I loved the "skinny pigs" (hairless guinea pigs. 
Repticon guests are a perfect mix between seasoned pros and the reptile-curious. Knowledgeable event representatives and vendors are very willing to help newcomers begin their reptile adventure, so if you've ever considered a reptile pet, this is a wonderful place to test the waters. Vendors are generally eager to tell you all about their breeds and share knowledge about their care. 
Reptile supplies are in abundance as well - and usually deeply discounted. From everyday necessities to  creative accessories, anything you could need for the reptile (or reptile lover) in your life can be found at Repticon.
Between all of the education, the shopping and the interactions with animals and humans alike, Repticon is easily a very fulfilling, daylong event. Repticon visits the Orlando area multiple times per year. 2016 stops are scheduled for January, May and December. For more information, visit their official site