Florida's Own Laney Jones Releases Third (Self-Titled) CD

Laney Jones is a twinkling star against a darkened sky. In a time when many utilize technically enhanced presentations and over-the-top gimmicks, Laney is the real thing - simply natural, raw talent. While a majority of today’s hottest musical sensations rely on a stream of songwriters and musical composers to arrange and create their songs, Laney has the heart and soul of a truly inspired musician - songwriting comes from the core of her being. It feels personal and deep, rather than orchestrated and designed. It’s Laney, being real.

Laney Jones’ third album is a self-titled work, scheduled to be released March 11th. A masterpiece of inspired, infectious sounds, Laney Jones presents ten, all-original tracks, and there really isn’t a weak selection among them. Combining the sounds of folk, rock and country in such a smooth fashion that eliminates the possibility of a strict genre classification, Laney has a sound that is entirely her own. If you combined Sheryl Crow and Ellie Goulding with a sprinkling of Jewel and Alison Krauss - you may come close to summarizing the force that is Laney Jones. She’s modern, yet vintage at the same time.

Laney Jones opens with “Do What You Want” - a tune that promotes the benefits of being true to yourself, and the values of happiness and self-discovery. Being my very first introduction to Laney, this was an effective grand slam instantly. Not that I don’t appreciate instrumental contributions (in fact, I’m dazzled by Laney’s ukelele, banjo and guitar skills), but I’m especially passionate about lyrics and vocals. This is usually the element to ultimately lure me into a new musical interest, and well before the end of “Do What You Want”, I was hooked.

While the entire album is strong and diverse, my standout favorites were “Allston (Dance Around)”, “Troubled Mind”, “Lonesome Soul” and “Endless Summer” - which featured the uplifting beats of a tambourine and plucky banjo that perfectly complimented the bouncy, island-esque sound of the tune. Throughout the entire album, Laney’s lilting, rolling, earthy vocals are well-bolstered by upbeat, melodic accompaniment. She has a very unique pattern of tonality that many vocalists wouldn’t even have the courage to attempt, and it sounds as if it simply flows out of her, casually and effortlessly. It’s genuine feel-good music with a refreshing positivity that is all too absent in much of today’s prominent tunes.

Laney Jones is about to hit the road in support of her newest album. Kicking off February 13 in Muscatine, Iowa, the tour is currently scheduled to run through April. Laney has five planned stops in her home state of Florida, including Will’s Pub in Orlando on March 11. For more information on Laney Jones, and her upcoming tour, visit her official site, or follow Laney on Facebook or Twitter.