Zombie Outbreak Orlando - NOW OPEN

I-Drive is being invaded by the walking dead once again - but this time, it's not a weekend-long convention, or a zombie walk - it's a year-round, interactive attraction. Zombie Outbreak is NOW OPEN, and it promises to bring something new to the heart of Orlando's entertainment district.

The original Zombie Outbreak, a seasonal attraction in Wisconsin Dells, is widely praised. Let's face it... the zombie genre can certainly border on cheesy, but Zombie Outbreak keeps to the expectation of today's discerning zombie fan. It's state-of-the-art, and highly detailed. To be blunt, I didn't expect it to be exceptional, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The location previously housed a Wild Jack's restaurant, and the transformation is amazing. The building is huge - over 9,000 sq. ft. - and it houses a series of winding pathways that will lead brave guests room by room, where live-action zombies await new victims. The attraction incorporates plenty of effects and surprises, well beyond the roaming dead!
Is you're inner Rick Grimes itching to take the challenge? Here's what's in-store for your Zombie Outbreak experience...

You are given a selection of guns to choose from -  similar to those used in police and military training. They are metal, and they are heavy! As you wander through the attraction, aim your weapon at the zombies (they're heads, of course). Guests and zombies are equipped with detection bands in this real-life video game. The zombie's band is on their head, and it will detect the laser from your weapon, if your aim is on the mark. A hit will "stun" the zombie for a matter of seconds, giving you time to make your break and move forward. However, if the zombie gets too close to you before you get a good shot in, your band will detect this "attack" as a bite. We all know that's not a good thing! And whatever you do, don't let yourself get caught up in a horde! As you exit, you can check your score (and compare with your teammates)... if you survive.
Prices start at $25. Zombie Outbreak will be open daily: Monday-Thursday 2pm-10pm, and Friday-Sunday noon-10pm. Hours are tentative at this time, and may change as crowd levels are determined. Zombie Outbreak is located at 7364 International Drive, between Titanic and Coco Key Water Resort.