Interview With Dave Damiani - Bringing a Little Class and Sophistication to Orlando

Dave Damiani is an American cross-genre singer based out of Los Angeles. Currently touring with his No Vacancy Orchestra, and Haley Reinhart (of Postmodern Jukebox and American Idol fame), Damiani is bringing the classy concept of "Bending the Standard" to Orlando's The Plaza Live on November 11th for one night only!

Dave Damiani grew up in South New Jersey, listening to Sid Mark's Sundays With Sinatra radio show. This planted a seed that would later take root after discovering Harry Connick, Jr. in the 1989 smash flick, When Harry Met Sally. "I fell in love with that style... classy with some sophistication", he explains.

After moving to Los Angeles, Damiani worked as a bartender and singing waiter at the famous Charlie O's Jazz Club, where he further developed his appreciation of a genre that seemed lost on his generation. One has to wonder how a Millennial could find his way to a style that a majority of his peers have harshly neglected.

"Guys would come in in black suits, singing Sinatra and drinking Jack Daniels. The whole vibe, I thought, was really cool. A classy, gentlemanly way to have fun. You get to the point where you hear the DJ music, the club scene - sooner or later, I think your head wants to explode".

You can't deny that there is a certain characteristic appeal in jazz and swing, and Damiani admits that his respect of the genre goes beyond just the music itself, but into the lifestyle as well. "Part of it is the romantic in me, and part of it is the gentleman, I think... Going out on a date with a girl - what better way to impress her than taking her to a supper club?"

Citing a wide array of musical influences (including Jack Sheldon, Prince, The Beatles, Norah Jones, Miles Davis, Elton John, Billy Joel, and John Mayer), Damiani is hesitant to generalize music by category. "A great song's a great song. That's what I consider a standard - a song you can hear forever"

This is a fantastic summation of what the audience can expect from the "Bending the Standard" tour. "Sexy, big band orchestra. A lot of the Great American Songbook standards, and some pop tunes in a really hip, jazz way" with the accompaniment of a 10-17 piece band.

Damiani's musical expertise is vast and varied. With a Masters Degree in Commercial Music, Damiani is skilled at not only vocals, but piano as well. He regularly performs with both quartet and full orchestra accompaniment. "You can really work the stuff out with a quartet, and then enhance it for the orchestra. There's nothing like the energy of performing with a big orchestra".

Damiani has performed everywhere from private homes to large concert halls. While in Orlando, he's scheduled to play a corporate event at Universal Studios, as well as the public event at The Plaza Live. He appreciates "performing to make a connection - as a singer and as a host", and loves "in your face, cozy venues".

Fans of Haley Reinhart will certainly appreciate the focus on her diverse contributions in this unique collaborative performance. It will be "more of a complete Haley Reinhart experience", explains Damiani. "A couple of Postmodern Jukebox tunes, some of her own material, and new tunes".

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