DRIP Announces a New Experience on New Year's Eve

Orlando, Fl - DRIP today announced its all new interactive experience for New Year’s Eve. The glamour, sparkle and excitement of New Year’s will be juxtaposed with real and raw rock ‘n’ roll grunge. The night will be over-the-top and full of unique activities that go beyond the typical New Year’s Eve party.

The doors open for DRIP’s New Year’s Eve party at 9:30 PM and you will be immediately stimulated with a variety of activities. Get pampered at the Glamour Station with a mini manicure of glitter nails, glitter lips or even a sparkling temporary tattoo. Enjoy table-top sized Interactive Adult Coloring with paint and visit the Photo Booth to snap all the selfies and group shots that you’d like surrounded by sparkling textures and props.  Write down the things you want to leave behind in 2016 as well as your dreams for 2017 on theGrunge vs. Glam Wall and then later that night you’ll be able to destroy the grunge side of the wall with paint balloons. Leave your high heels and uncomfortable clothes at home because you will be starting 2017 full of color!

Indulge in your choice of adult beverage from DRIP’s Color Bar, where all the drinks are color inspired.  Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow beer, cocktails, shots, wine and non alcoholic beverages will be for sale. This New Year's Eve, a special Champagne Bar will be introduced featuring champagne cocktails topped with Rock Candy or Pop Rocks.

A full theatrical show will be included with dancers performing in paint, flying water and sand to a live rock band. It’s a standing room experience with performances happening in front of you, behind you and in between you. You will be given a special edition New Year’s Eve DRIP shirt to wear throughout the evening and colors will fly throughout the performance turning your shirt into a unique work of art.

A special countdown performance filled with more glitter than you’ve ever seen and explosions of color will happen as it approaches midnight. Complimentary champagne will be served at midnight followed by a dance party with interactive paint showers. The entire experience will conclude at 1:00 AM.

“We wanted to create a alternative New Year’s Eve experience that constantly stimulates you and introduces new things throughout the evening. I love the idea of incorporating the glamorous look of New Year’s but with a DRIP grunge that makes it feel real and raw.” Explains Jessica Mariko, Founder and Creative Director, DRIP. “Last year we gently introduced glitter into the mix and the guests loved it. This year we aren’t holding back; the party will be sparkly, glitter filled, colorful, messy and so much fun.”

Tickets to DRIP’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Experience are $49-$89 and are limited to a little over 100 people. It is recommended for guests to dress to get colorful. Shorts and flip flops are perfect. You must be 21+ years old to attend. For a full listing of events and tickets, visit DRIP’s website at www.ILoveDRIP.com.

DRIP is located at 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819 on the backside of the building with Senor Frogs and Denny’s.

Event: DRIP’s New Year’s Eve 2017
Admission: $49-$89
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM
Location: DRIP, 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819 
How to reserve tickets: http://ILoveDRIP.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=73cef5bfa9ba8ddf4a6f43d4f&id=c3d66a3a6c&e=a8e463eb88