DRIP - Live Art Experience on International Drive

By now, you should know that our never-ending mission is to find the most unique elements that make up our amazing city. We sincerely want to ensure that you know about all of those hot spots that you may be missing on your beeline to the theme parks. For the locals, we aim to show you why it's sometimes worth it to get out there and discover the fun you may be overlooking if you avoid exploring beyond your immediate community. That is genuinely the driving force behind our original reviews, and we found a truly remarkable "hidden gem" this time - DRIP on International Drive!

I refer to this as a hidden gem because it literally is! You could drive up and down I-Drive daily (as I have), and never even know it's there. Like a speakeasy, you practically have to be in-the-know to seek it out. Located at the 5100 square foot loading dock area behind Senor Frogs and Denny's, DRIP is performance art in a most creative form. Think of it as a more intimate, sensual version of Blue Man Group. DRIP takes grasp of all senses and twists them into chaos in a messy, alluring, intoxicating experience unlike any other.

When you first enter DRIP, you'll notice a merchandise stand. T-shirts are as low as $10, so you have no excuse not to buy one and partake in the full experience. Once you have your shirt, the fun really begins! Find the paint station (free), and set to adorning your personal canvas. Have fun with it - flick, splatter, or Picasso - anything goes. Go ahead and add a little color to your face while you're at it! Complete your look by visiting the t-shirt cutting station, where DRIP representatives will add an original edge to your masterpiece for just $5.

Once you're all decorated and ready to party, reward your creativity with a visit to The Color Bar! The drink menu revolves around the colors red, yellow, orange, and blue, with shots, beers, and cocktails of each vibrant classification. The prices are fair (and more than comparable to other I-Drive establishments), and the bartenders are top-notch: attentive, friendly, fun, and fast. Judging simply off the bar experience, this is one of the most satisfying venues on I-Drive (even if the menu is somewhat limited). BUT... this is only the beginning of the experience!

Guests are urged to arrive at 8:00 to take advantage of the bar and paint station. There's a little pre-show event that kicks-off the main show around 8:45. At 9:00, guests are ushered into an adjacent room where a live rock band begins the performance. To really establish the in-your-face experience, guests stand encircling the performance floor, which creates the "splash zone", making you a part of the show in a brilliantly fun way. 

Dancers representing the colors red, yellow, and blue immediately rush into performance mode - drenching themselves (and the audience) in colored sand, raining paint, and flying water as they sprawl, twirl, glide, crawl, and swing across the floor. 

It's wordless drama as much as it is dance. The performance tells a story that moves you through a chaotic gamut of emotions. Angst, sadness, lust, and victory - with a soundtrack that seamlessly drives the passionate sentiments. 

DRIP is simply something you have to see (and feel) to comprehend. The audience is capped at just over 100 per show, creating an environment that leaves no one out of the experience. The crowd is comprised of all types and a wide range of ages, but everyone demonstrates a uniquely cozy camaraderie. It's a five star performance that feels like a neighborhood block party. By the end of the show, the audience is a mutual rainbow, wearing their fun quite obviously. And... if you need another splash of color to complete your personal palette, just hop into a paint shower on your way back to the bar for the after-party!

DRIP tickets range dramatically, with discounts for students, groups, and Florida residents, as well as a VIP experience option. Additionally, DRIP frequently hosts special events (public and private), such as the BASE Fire and Ice Body Painting Event on December 15. Shows are scheduled regularly for Friday and Saturday nights only, and sell-outs are not uncommon, so advance reservations are highly recommended. For more information and the latest details, follow DRIP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram