REVIEW: Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando

Recently opened at Pointe Orlando on International Drive, Main Event is a 45,000 square foot, master entertainment complex, combining state-of-the-art gaming, interactive play, virtual reality, traditional games such as bowling and billiards, and an extensive food and drink menu. Though new to Orlando, Main Event is not new to the entertainment scene. The thriving national fun hub also has locations in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, Kansas, New Mexico, Kentucky and Jacksonville, Florida.

Orlando's Main Event features bowling, video games, billiards, gravity ropes, and (arguably the highlight) V Play Reality - the first free-roam, multi-player virtual reality game in the United States.

Main Event's 20 uber modern bowling lanes feature state-of-the-art scoring and lighting systems, snazzy lounge seating, HD video screens and surround sound audio. Lanes can be reserved online or at the venue. Groups of 11 or more are eligible to book their own "bowling event". Each Main Event location also hosts FUNLeagues - "8 weeks of bowling, food, drinks and giveaways". Teams of four each, priced at just $8 per person, per week! 

The Main Event Games Gallery boasts nearly 100 widely diversified video games. There's something for every skill level and interest - from a modernized and super-sized Pac Man to the new, crossbow-equipped The Walking Dead game... and of course, a plethora of alluring redemption games. Credits are redeemable in the elaborately stocked Winner's Choice prize shop.

High above the Games Gallery, adventurers will find the perfect challenge in the Gravity Ropes Course. Thrill seekers 48 inches and taller are welcome to test their skills in this confidence-building, family-friendly physical exhibit.

Photo: Main Event Entertainment

If interactive competition is your forte, but you like to keep your feet on the ground, consider a few rounds of air hockey, billiards or shuffleboard. 

Warning... incessantly giddy raving ahead! Main Event's V Play Virtual Reality is undoubtedly one of the coolest things I've done in a very long time. Forgive me while I geek out just a little, but it was tantalizingly similar to the holodeck on Star Trek, and I must admit that I couldn't refrain from making this cheesy little squeak that I involuntarily eke out whenever I'm immeasurably thrilled. The added fate-laced discovery that we were able to opt for a zombie-themed version of the game nearly made me burst. I really could write an entire blog just on this experience, but suffice it to say... this ain't your 1990's virtual reality, folks! If you're mentally comparing this to your Disney Quest romps - stop it! You're not even in the same realm as V Play, and this stands to potentially ruin the run-of-the-mill virtual reality game for you permanently. In a word - intense! Your mind will convince you that the experience is real. I'll leave the surprises under wraps, but trust me when I say that this is a must-do! Prices range from around $21-$25, and the experience is bookable in advance online, as well as at the venue. This arena-based virtual reality, free-range environment can accommodate six players per game. If zombies aren't your cup of tea, you can alternatively select Engineerium (family-friendly, puzzle-based game) or Singularity (shooter-game based on a military space station). Each game is 15 minutes in duration. Ages 13 and up.

Photo: Main Event Entertainment/ Zero Latency
Though some activities are pre-bookable, and most pricing is available online, it's not really so tight and tidy to price out experiences at Main Event. There are ala carte options, inclusive passes, and a selection of specials and cost-cutting deals. Current ongoing specials include the springFUNpass (through April 9) and Monday Night Madness. The Monday Night Madness offer presents three fun options for just $10.95 each, every Monday after 4PM: all-you-can-play activities, unlimited video game play, or a $20 FUNcard good for food and fun. 

You can also get monetary credit added to your FUNcard when you include food in your Main Event visit. (In other words, this is a pain-free, delicious excuse to partake in the smorgasbord of yum). Main Event offers a wildly inventive array of handcrafted menu items - shareable appetizers ($7-$11), entrees ($10-$17), hardy sandwiches (around $10), pizzas ($11-$19), salads ($5-$12), and desserts ($7-$8). And don't mistake the options for those of your standard "bowling alley". There's a lot more quality here than simple nachos and chili fries. Personally, I'd strongly suggest a dash for the BBQ Brisket Street Tacos! On a scale of 1-10, these would have to rank a 25. Priced at $9.95 for three, this really is a meal in itself, if you want it to be!

The entire menu was impressive though. I didn't expect such a selection, and the items were plated and presented with every bit the same level of quality and pizzazz as some of the best dining establishments on I-Drive. Everyone from your picky eater, your health-conscious diner, and your genuine junk food junkie can find happy pacification from the Main Event menu.


LaBella’s, Italian inspired street food, offers up counter service snacks such as pizzas and gelato. Here, you can buy pizza by the slice for less than $5, and three scoops of exceptional gelato for less than $4.

Main Event also houses a full-service bar, complete with a respectable selection of beer, wine, and liquors. Contemporary bar areas feature HD TVs and comfortable seating. 

With various nooks for lounging and playing, Main Event is a fantastic spot, perfect for any occasion - family outings, birthday celebrations, and corporate events. Private space is available, and buy-outs are also offered. Catered menus include options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and event pricing starts as low as $11.95 per person for the basic birthday package. More extensive group opportunities average $20-$30 per guest with an assortment of options and add-ons, including both gaming and food packages. 

Main Event is a much-needed dose of different for I-Drive, and Pointe Orlando. It's got the fun of Dave and Busters with the feel of a modern, local, family-friendly pub. It's cozy, but impressive - fairly priced, but high-class - sophisticated, but casual. For more information, or to book your Main Event experience, visit their official website, or follow Main Event on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. View our complete Main Event photo album here