REVIEW: Splitsville - Disney Springs

There's a lot of "combo" venues in the Orlando area - locations that kill two birds with one stone... er, visit. It's brilliant to maximize your time by combining your fun with your dining, for example, and one place that makes this appealingly possible is Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Disney Springs. Actually, if we're to be entirely technical - Splitsville is a triple threat... there's a gift shop, too.

Splitsville is abundant in options (and you know how much I LOVE options). Come for dining, bowling, drinks, or all of the above! If you're just strolling through Disney Springs with no real goals, you can even just stop for a quick song by the outside bar.

The 50,000 square-foot Splitsville building has undergone a few changes over the years. For example, the upstairs, open-air bar is now enclosed. It's also quite handy that the parking garage is completed, and has an entry point directly beside Splitsville (BONUS for that convenience)!

There are bar areas both upstairs and downstairs, and the expansive layout features bowling lanes capped with dining booths along the perimeters, mingled with centralized areas for dining only throughout both levels.

Aside from a fully-stocked bar, Splitsville has a great selection of frozen drinks, and a few fantastic specials to accompany them. A notable selection - a 20 oz. squeeze bottle, filled for $18. Subsequent refills are only $10... and this doesn't expire at the end of the day. Bring your bottle back for that $10 refill anytime you like!

With the cost of frozen beverages anywhere in the Disney zone, this is an unbeatable deal to take advantage of! You'll save with your first refill, so you don't have to be a lush to appreciate this one. These frozen drinks aren't overly boozy either, so they're a great refresher for a hot day of exploring Disney Springs! My personal recommendation - Swampwater! There are multiple places to pull up a stool, including an open, outdoor bar downstairs (reference the live music video above). 

If you choose to take advantage of the dining option (and why wouldn't you??), you'll be happy to know that prices are fair - even with the Disney property locale! Appetizers range from around $7-$8 to $15, and portions are entree-worthy, so consider them a meal, or the shareable start to a multi-course experience. The pizzas ($15-$17) are also shareable, and a convenient option if you're bowling with 2-3 friends.

On a previous visit, I had the Classic Burger ($16), and it was a tremendous serving, accompanied with heaping french fries. Entree salads are around $17, and there's an assortment of seafood, beef and chicken entrees from $16 to $27. Kids meals are fairly portioned as well, and very affordable at $7 to $8 (see chicken strips above). Then, there's the sushi. Yes, I just said SUSHI. At a bowling alley? Yes, at a bowling alley. These are luxury, contemporary lanes, after all... so why not spruce up the standard menu with something a little innovative and hip? There's a fair variety of offerings on the sushi menu - from the standard California Roll ($11) to the extravagant Fantasy Roll ($18) - and it's actually GOOD, quality sushi. As strange as this may seem at first consideration, it works... and you need to try it!

Make sure you save room for dessert! I know, this is asking a lot, but you'll thank me later. While the dessert selections aren't large in number, the quality more than makes up for the quantity; and there's something to satisfy every type of sweet tooth challenge you can muster up! Desserts range from $6 to $9, and when they say "Giant Cake", they mean it!

Now, how about some bowling? Lanes are clustered throughout the building, and each area has reasonable space for each party to enjoy their game time with or without socializing with the "neighbors". An assortment of (adorably Disney-fied) bowling balls are kept right at the lane for easy access, and your host/hostess will bring your shoes to your table as you are seated. Priced by the hour, we were able to squeeze in two games for a party of three, with dinner being served in the process. Not a bad night out! 

Prices range from $17 per person during the daytime, to $22 per person on evenings and weekends (including shoe rental), with discounts for early birds and Disney Cast Members. If you still have the energy for a little more fun (or if you just want to pop in for this alone), you can squeeze in a round or two of pool, as billiard tables are also strategically located in this massive complex of fun!

Reservations are not a horrible idea, if you plan to do more than stop in for a drink and a song, especially during busier times like weekend evenings or peak travel periods. Reserve 24 hours in advance for "priority" bowling (think "Fastpass" for bowling). For more information on Splitsville at Disney Springs, visit their official website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram