Chicago, Ill. –The SafeHouse Chicago, a place for hungry and thirsty spies to seek refuge, has officially opened its Windy City location to the public. Featuring a modern industrial design by Chicago’s own award-winning firms, The Gettys Group and Epstein Global, it is covertly located in the vicinity of 60 E. Ontario Street. Visiting spies will be tasked with locating the top-secret entrance marked only with a sign for International Exports Ltd. flanked by a gaslight and an iconic red door.

Before entering, guests will be required to provide the password or perform a top-secret clearance test to gain entry. Once inside, they will embark on a one-of-a-kind mission as they create their own agent name and complete missions while discovering gadgets, uncovering hidden secrets. Agents can enjoy drinking spycialty handcrafted cocktails and eating furtively fresh edible entrees, sandwiches, burgers, and tasty apps.

Station Chief Agent OH-OH-7 (aka David J. Baldwin) founded SafeHouse Milwaukee in 1966.  Today, Agent BB (aka Greg Marcus, Marcus Corporation President and CEO), and his team of friendly Marcus Restaurant agents continue Agent OH-OH-7’s vision.

“Who doesn’t want to escape the everyday for an hour or two and become an international superspy?” says Agent BB, Greg Marcus, President and CEO of The Marcus Corporation. “Fascination with the world of espionage persists in novels and movies, making the SafeHouse concept one that stands the test of time. Spying is, after all, the world’s second oldest profession.”

In addition to fun technology, the SafeHouse Chicago integrates upgraded entertainment and experiences. The design of the SafeHouse was led by award-winning firms, The Gettys Group and Epstein Global.  Control also engaged Agent Fudd, (aka: Paul Daurio), to help create the look and feel of SafeHouse attractions and experiences. Original espionage artifacts were sourced as an integral part of the décor, including the flight deck from an authentic spy plane donated by the man who flew it in WWII, as well as a Cold War era piece of the Berlin Wall secured from covert operatives. From the sleek Interpol Bar to the Spybrary, to the Seduction Lounge and the Interrogation Room, every aspect of the design has been tinkered, tailored, soldiered, and spied.Interactive elements such as a Gadget Bar featuring a nightly magician, and “futuristic” technology, fuse seamlessly in an action-packed atmosphere where food and signature drinks unite guests as they embark on their mission.

Every spy needs to eat well. The SafeHouse culinary agents are always on the prowl, tracing the source of local ingredients and securing them from top suppliers. These ingredients are then smuggled into the SafeHouse and hand-assembled into fresh dishes by experienced chefs to spies who deserve local and authentic food. Honoring original favorites like the Fried C4 Cheese Curds and the hand-crafted M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Burgers), Agent Pickles (a.k.a. Head Culinary Agent David Hardy) has bulked up the menu for visiting spies, adding specialties including our Camp X Poutine, Wai Linn’s Tuna Salad and an array of savory entrees as well as healthy vegetarian and vegan items.

“Today’s consumers are increasingly seeking unique experiences, and the SafeHouse is a one-of-a-kind restaurant and bar that fills that niche,” says Agent Blonde, Peggy Williams-Smith, Marcus Hotels and Resorts Senior Vice President. “Spies in the great city of Chicago were in need of a refuge and Control wanted to ensure there was a SafeHouse for them as well.”

Control directs technology loving agents to download a new interactive SafeHouse App, available in the iTunes and Android app stores.  Once a clearance test is passed (with the app’s fingerprint detecting software), agents will embark on a series of assignments under order from Control to uncover the secrets of SafeHouse.  After choosing their mission location (Chicago or Milwaukee), agents are tasked with investigating the secrets of SafeHouse and reporting back to Control. In addition to their mobile mission, agents can view celebrity spies who have used the app, document their experience with the #StealthySelfie for a chance to be featured on the big screen at SafeHouse, all while protected with an unrecognizable disguise of course, find the perfect agent name with the official Agent Alias Generator, and enjoy the app’s newest feature, the bomb diffuse game.

SafeHouse Chicago is open Sunday-Friday 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Every Friday and Saturday, a Shagadelic dance party begins at 10:00 p.m. With a nod to celebrity spy, Austin Powers, the SafeHouse DJ help spies get their groove on!

For non-profit spy rings, the SafeHouse provides covert tools for fund-raising. Every Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., various charities take over the Gadget Bar for a battle between volunteers who want to raise money for their cause.  Twenty percent of all revenue generated during the time frame is donated to the charity, as well as tips that are given to the bartenders working.  For more information on The SafeHouse, visit or call (312) 3131-007.

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