REVIEW: Scream-A-Geddon Is Back For 2019!

I've been going to haunted houses since long before most people would feel it to be appropriate. I was only in first or maybe second grade when I recall running from a very bad Leatherface knock-off at a cheesy community haunted house, and running straight out of the tent, not stopping until I hit the parking lot. When my mom caught up with me, I begged to do it again. I've never been okay with chainsaws since then, but I have always loved a good scare. My standards and expectations have raised quite a bit since my childhood, but thankfully - so has the quality of the typical haunt (at least in Central Florida)!

I love Scream-A-Geddon because it has the vibe of a traditional, old school haunted house, combined with the quality and imagination we expect from a modern-day horror attraction. It doesn't rely on trademarked brands or gimmicks. There are not hours of lines to wait in. AND... you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get in... though you may run into some folks who will request these things from you anyway. Muahaha!

One of the best things about Scream-A-Geddon is its location. The site typically serves to entertain and challenge the public as TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park. Set on dozens of acres of Old Florida forest, TreeHoppers is the largest zip line aerial adventure park in Central Florida. By night, the drive out to the location really is part of the mystique. The site is set amongst farmhouses on large plots of land with very little traffic to speak of. It's pretty perfectly situated between Orlando and Tampa, for easy access from both areas, and all points in-between.

Scream-A-Geddon is a diverse experience. There are six houses or trails to explore - each with an entirely different theme, and a different level or type of "scare" - as well as the Monster Midway with food, games, and strolling monsters. This year's Midway includes the addition of hatchet-throwing and the local craft brews at Bonzo's Beer Garden. Buuuut, maybe let's not combine those two activities, k? While we're on the topic of PSAs, don't let your guard down on the Midway... not even at the porto-lets. The monsters will be joining you when you stop for a meal or chat with your pals. They're popping up like daisies! They genuinely seem to appreciate fresh meat - I mean, new friends!

As for those six houses... There are some change-ups to the attractions each year at Scream-A-Geddon. It could be a whole new attraction replacing another one, or it could be enticing new elements added into a previously presented house/trail. This year, the featured attractions are Rage 3D, Zombie Paintball Assault, Demon's Revenge, Blackpool Prison, Dead Woods, and Infected: Ground Zero. Let's take a quick look at each of this year's Scream-A-Geddon haunts:

Rage 3D: Prepare to have the lines of reality and sanity completely obliterated as you try to make your escape from a colorful nightmare that threatens to drive you mad. It's a dizzying, enveloping adventure that invades all of your senses... and then they call in the clowns!

Zombie Paintball Assault: A separately-ticketed attraction with limited space available, Zombie Paintball Assault employs a collective competitive element by inviting guests to face-off with roaming zombies from a school bus decked out with neon-pellet-loaded paintball guns and a hard-rockin' soundtrack. Don't forget to aim for the heads!

Demon's Revenge: As you stumble through the village of Avalon, beware of the residents - and the horrifying monsters that lurk around every corner. There is said to be a portal to Hell here, so you can imagine that there are a number of dark surprises in-store as you navigate your way to the exit!

Blackpool Prison: One of two Scream-A-Geddon attractions with an interactive aspect, Blackpool Prison puts guests at the mercy of some of the most merciless criminals around. The prisoners have taken over the prison and it's a riot of epic proportions. Guests 18 and older may choose to wear glow necklaces (provided) to become part of the action and experience close encounters with the prisoners.

Dead Woods: Inhabited by the rather unhospitable Tate family, the dark and winding woods of Bearstone National Park can be quite tricky to maneuver at night. Luckily, you have a glow stick to aid in your journey... not that it will serve to help much when the family finds you.

Infected: Ground Zero: Another interactive opportunity can be found at Infected, but beware - participation in a quarantine scenario could lead to some scary situations! This remote farmhouse is ground zero for a meteor strike, after all... and people aren't really holding up so well around here!

I highly recommend the interactive element whenever available, and keep in mind - I'm a chicken. Is it scary? Yes! Intense? Sometimes! Worth it? Absolutely! If you are the type to enjoy a good jump - you'll find it here. Every year, each of us gets "got" at least a few times throughout the night. Regardless of what scares you, it exists somewhere within the creepy confines of Scream-A-Geddon. This year's event welcomes around 200 creeps, ghouls, monsters, zombies, clowns, and more, so there is rarely a safe zone in sight, and for those who love spooky season, that is a sure-fire sign of a great haunt.

Scream-A-Geddon 2019 runs nightly through November 2nd. Ticket prices vary based on which night you choose to attend, and any potential upgrades you may opt in to - like VIP Fast Pass, Super VIP Fast Pass, or varied paintball packages. Parking runs an additional cost of $10 per vehicle. Group rates are available, and admission prices are decreased when purchased online in advance. General admission to Scream-A-Geddon runs as low as $25, and you can always find great special offers and deals from Scream-A-Geddon's newsletter and social media accounts, conveniently listed on their website.