REVIEW - Bahama Breeze Jamaican Cool Rummings Menu

We're always in search of new flavors and Bahama Breeze is a location we've long appreciated for its special, rotating, seasonal menus. Although it's not a big leap for me to try a rum drink (which they are always on-target with here), the creative, bold Caribbean dishes at Bahama Breeze are sometimes a bit intimidating to someone like me - someone who is still coming out of their culinary shell in many ways. Every time I come to Bahama Breeze, I try something that is entirely new to me. And every time I come to Bahama Breeze, I discover something new that I absolutely love! Not to mention, this is a dining experience that always offers impeccable service and a hefty side of fun.

This time around, we checked out the Jamaican Cool Rummings menu. Available until January 5th, this menu is putting the spice in winter, providing a kicking island escape for the tastebuds, regardless of your geographical location. (Bahama Breeze always puts me in the mood for a tropical getaway. Thankfully, Florida is pretty well qualified to pacify me - so far.)

The cocktail and food line-up for the Jamaican Cool Rummings menu:

  • Rumaway Pineapple: Appleton Rum, pineapple Juice, turmeric, sweet & sour, cranberry juice and fresh mint leaves.
  • Montego Bay Breeze: Color-changing layers of Appleton Rum, Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and sweet & sour, served with a side of sweet desert pear for an extra boost of fruit flavor.
  • Chicken & Shrimp Pineapple Rice: Jamaican jerk-seasoned chicken and shrimp tossed with jerk-seasoned white rice, diced pineapples, sweet peppers, shitake mushrooms and chickpeas, served inside a fresh-cut pineapple with a side of sweet plantains. 
  • Jerk Chicken Pinchos: Five skewers of tender grilled chicken, seasoned in Jamaican jerk seasoning and basted in Bahama Breeze’s signature Jerk BBQ sauce, served on top of pineapple chutney.


As for the drinks... both were tasty, and both packed a punch, but the two of us have very distinct alcohol tastes, and we each had a favorite. If you are into the more fruity, smooth libation - steer for the Montego Bay Breeze. If you like a little more "bite", aim for the Rumaway Pineapple. The turmeric was a very cool additive and a nice twist!

When it comes to the food, we shared both the Jerk Chicken Pinchos and the Chicken & Shrimp Pineapple Rice. In one word - YUM! We were offered some hot sauce to garnish as we saw fit, but it wasn't really necessary - especially not for the pinchos. Make sure to spread a splash of the chutney on each of the pinchos as this is an incredible flavor combination with a zesty tang to it... I could savagely gluttonize a buffet of these suckers - no lie! The chicken & shrimp pineapple rice was a fabulous clash of spicy-sweet, and unlike a Hawaiian pizza - there is absolutely no debate about the appropriateness of this pairing. Personally, I was just as impressed by the presentation as the tastes themselves. What beautiful dishes!

For reasons I can't explain (or legitimately justify) we felt compelled to share a dessert as well. Although our shared experience thus far was honestly sufficient, there's just something about the Coconut Grande that lured us in...

"A coconut lover's dream. Warm coconut cake topped with coconut-pineapple ice cream, fresh pineapple and toasted coconut, served in a fresh coconut."

Yeah - YOU go ahead and try to pass that up! We certainly didn't have the strength to... and I have to admit, as full as we were - no regrets! The warm core of the cake sandwiched between the ice cream and the coconut was an incredibly unique combination, and this is an ideal share-able treat that you won't find just anywhere. It really capped off the meal perfectly, so share it - save it - do whatever you have to do with your meal to make it work, but make this dinner plan happen before the window closes - in just two weeks. A nice change of perspective from the traditional holiday feasts, wouldn't you say?

If you're visiting the Central Florida theme parks, we highly recommend the Bahama Breeze on West 192, but you can find a few more locations scattered across the region - and beyond! Even if Florida isn't on your radar at the moment, check for a location near you. Stay up-to-date with the latest offerings from Bahama Breeze, and let's see what they whip up next on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!