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January 5, 2018

DRIP is Closing Their International Drive Location

After 5 successful years in current location, DRIP looks to the future.
Orlando, Fl - Performance art company, DRIP, will be closing it's International Drive (I-Drive), Orlando location at the end of January, 2018.  After 5 successful years of bringing innovative, edgy dance shows and art events to the I-Drive area, DRIP will be closing the location to focus on new projects.
DRIP's remaining I-Drive shows will be performed every Friday and Saturday evening in January with it's final show on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

December 19, 2017

The Most Colorful Midnight in Orlando - DRIP, Orlando | December 31, 2017

Colorfetti 2018: DRIP's New Years Eve Bash 
Orlando, Fl - Start the new year in a rainfall of color at DRIP’s New Years Eve bash; Colorfetti 2018!  This party is from 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM on International Drive and filled with interactive elements, theatrical performances, dancers, and color inspired cocktails to stimulate your new year.
The night will begin with a fun color activity that helps you determine your own color.  Each guest’s canvas for the night will be wearable one-of-a-kind special edition DRIP apparel that’s included with every ticket purchase.  Guests will mark themselves with their own color. A paint station, airbrushing and even make-your-own confetti will be provided.

November 13, 2017

ARTundressed Orlando – Nov. 17-18, 2017

“South Florida’s Sexiest Art Exhibition is coming to Orlando”

Featuring emerging and established artists from around the world, it is a carefully curated selection of truly creative, sensual, and thought-provoking artworks. 
Event Highlights:
  • Exploring the sensory elements within Art + Music + Fashion + Entertainment
  • Art Exhibition showcasing over 150 exceptional curated art pieces
  • Meet the Masters behind the art… Many participating artists to be in attendance
  • Live shows and performances; Music; Amazing Visuals; Chic Provocative Fashion
  • Art contests for Body Painting; Live Drawing and Photoshoot Sessions
  • Bar Service for beverages and cocktails
  • Friday Night Theme: "Dirty Canvas", a glow light interactive art experience where the event attendees become both the artist and the canvas.
  • Saturday Night Theme: "Bound"...  Leather Attire Themed Event.

August 16, 2017

Original Dancer Performs Final Show at DRIP’s 500th Show

This is your last chance to see how it all began!

Photo: Carl Jordan
Orlando, Fl - The last chance to see the original dancer, Jessie Sander, perform in DRIP’s International Drive show is Saturday, August 26, 2017 during DRIP’s 500th show. Jessie Sander is switching into a new role at DRIP as a performance director.

Jessie Sander joined DRIP in 2011 before the show opened on International Drive. She was a part of the fundraising phase, painted the building, stage managed and performed as the first “Yellow” character in the show. Sander performed the first 100 shows without an understudy and is finishing her reign after being an integral part of over 500 shows and special events.

Jessie has had a huge hand in helping shape DRIP into what it is today. She originated the role of “Yellow” and then went on to perform every single role in the show. Her knowledge of the ins and outs of the show, interaction with the messy mediums and audience experience makes her invaluable as a director. explains DRIP founder and creative director Jessica Mariko.

If you were to have asked me 5 years ago where I see myself today I would never have imagined becoming a director for DRIP. It has been such a rewarding experience to build this project from the ground up. Knowing what it has taken to get to where we are makes me ecstatic for the future. Said Jessie Sander. As DRIP's performance director, I will work closely with our group of passionate artists to create bigger, better and messier projects. I'm most excited to work with our team on events in the community and find ways to give back to the city beautiful that has supported DRIP for the last 11 years!

January 11, 2017

The Perfect Date Designed For You

DRIP, Orlando | February, 2017

There’s no time like the first time.

Orlando, Fl - What if someone designed the perfect date for you and your significant other? A night that felt like a first date, tantalizing and awakening your senses while building excitement and intimacy in your relationship. An interactive evening of color, exploration and dripping paint as you go on a playful journey in a place where people love to be in love.  DRIP, on International Drive, is bringing back their popular event that does just that, The Blind Date, an artistic adventure for couples, is coming back to Orlando for select dates during the month of February, 2017.
DRIP premiered The Blind Date in 2016 for one week only and sold out every date; this year DRIP is bringing it back with plenty of new surprises for 4 weekends in February plus Valentine’s Day. The Blind Date will take place at DRIP’s warehouse-like space and bar at 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl. 32803.
“The Blind Date brings out open minded people wanting to experience something artistic and totally different than the usual date night out.” explains DRIP founder and creative director Jessica Mariko.
The Blind Date starts with each couple being given a special event blindfold that they put on before entering the building and get to take home as a gift. The evening begins with a special blindfolded challenge that warms guests up for the rest of the evening. The couples will also receive special edition t-shirts to wear and paint. DRIP artists can custom design and cut guest’s shirts and turn them into corsets, dresses, tank tops and more.
Color themed stations will be sprinkled throughout DRIP and each station will be hosted by one of the characters from the DRIP show. Each character is named after a color; Yellow, Blue and Red. Yellow’s room is a romantic word game, Blue’s room is an intimate experience involving paint, and Red’s room is a bit spicier and designed to build physical intimacy.
DRIP’s Color Bar will be available throughout the evening (minus breaks for performances). Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow beers, cocktails, shots as well as wine and non alcoholic beverages will be available.
The adventure continues with a full theatrical show featuring new characters and contemporary dancers telling an emotional love story while performing in paint, flying water and colored sand backed by a live rock band.
Post show, guests will enter the miracle berry after party.  In the spirit of stimulating all of your senses, each guest will be given a pill to eat made from miracle berry fruit.  The pill transforms ordinary foods into something extraordinary. Like magic, sour foods (like lemons) taste like the sweetest candy on Earth.  A special miracle berry cocktail menu will be available so guests can experiment with their new and improved taste buds. The after party will also include dancing, a 10 foot interactive paint shower and the Color Bar.
Tickets to The Blind Date are $29 - $89 and are limited to only 40 couples per evening. It is recommended for guests to dress to get colorful. Shorts and flip flops are perfect. You must be at least 18 years old to attend.  For a full listing of events and tickets, visit DRIP’s website at
DRIP is located at 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819 on the backside of the building with Senor Frogs and Denny’s.
Event: DRIP presents The Blind Date

General Admission Prices include:
-A Blind Date blindfold to use at the event and take home.
-Special Edition DRIP Blind Date t-shirt for you to get colorful that night!
-Paint Station to paint yourselves and your sweetheart
-Kissing Booth
-3 interactive stations with souvenirs to take home
-Make your own upcycled Valentine station
-Full DRIP show with dancers and live band
-After party featuring the Miracle Berry
-Interactive Paint Shower
-The Color Bar (cash/credit)

Feb. 3 & 4: $29
Feb. 10: $39
Feb 11-25: $49

All Inclusive Prices also include:
-Custom t-shirt cutting (have your special edition Blind Date shirt turned into a tank top, dress, corset, etc.)
-Free pull at the T-Shirt Wall to win a prize
-All you can drink until 11 PM (2.5-3 hours)

Feb. 3 & 4: $69
Feb. 10: $79
Feb 11-25: $89

Dates: February 3, 4, 10, 11, 14, 17, 18, 24 and 25 of 2017
Entrance Times: 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Event Concludes: 12:00 AM
Location: DRIP, 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819
How to reserve tickets:

December 12, 2016

DRIP Announces a New Experience on New Year's Eve

Orlando, Fl - DRIP today announced its all new interactive experience for New Year’s Eve. The glamour, sparkle and excitement of New Year’s will be juxtaposed with real and raw rock ‘n’ roll grunge. The night will be over-the-top and full of unique activities that go beyond the typical New Year’s Eve party.

The doors open for DRIP’s New Year’s Eve party at 9:30 PM and you will be immediately stimulated with a variety of activities. Get pampered at the Glamour Station with a mini manicure of glitter nails, glitter lips or even a sparkling temporary tattoo. Enjoy table-top sized Interactive Adult Coloring with paint and visit the Photo Booth to snap all the selfies and group shots that you’d like surrounded by sparkling textures and props.  Write down the things you want to leave behind in 2016 as well as your dreams for 2017 on theGrunge vs. Glam Wall and then later that night you’ll be able to destroy the grunge side of the wall with paint balloons. Leave your high heels and uncomfortable clothes at home because you will be starting 2017 full of color!

Indulge in your choice of adult beverage from DRIP’s Color Bar, where all the drinks are color inspired.  Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow beer, cocktails, shots, wine and non alcoholic beverages will be for sale. This New Year's Eve, a special Champagne Bar will be introduced featuring champagne cocktails topped with Rock Candy or Pop Rocks.

A full theatrical show will be included with dancers performing in paint, flying water and sand to a live rock band. It’s a standing room experience with performances happening in front of you, behind you and in between you. You will be given a special edition New Year’s Eve DRIP shirt to wear throughout the evening and colors will fly throughout the performance turning your shirt into a unique work of art.

A special countdown performance filled with more glitter than you’ve ever seen and explosions of color will happen as it approaches midnight. Complimentary champagne will be served at midnight followed by a dance party with interactive paint showers. The entire experience will conclude at 1:00 AM.

“We wanted to create a alternative New Year’s Eve experience that constantly stimulates you and introduces new things throughout the evening. I love the idea of incorporating the glamorous look of New Year’s but with a DRIP grunge that makes it feel real and raw.” Explains Jessica Mariko, Founder and Creative Director, DRIP. “Last year we gently introduced glitter into the mix and the guests loved it. This year we aren’t holding back; the party will be sparkly, glitter filled, colorful, messy and so much fun.”

Tickets to DRIP’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Experience are $49-$89 and are limited to a little over 100 people. It is recommended for guests to dress to get colorful. Shorts and flip flops are perfect. You must be 21+ years old to attend. For a full listing of events and tickets, visit DRIP’s website at

DRIP is located at 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819 on the backside of the building with Senor Frogs and Denny’s.

Event: DRIP’s New Year’s Eve 2017
Admission: $49-$89
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016
Time: 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM
Location: DRIP, 8747 International Dr. Ste. 102, Orlando, Fl 32819 
How to reserve tickets:

December 11, 2016

DRIP - Live Art Experience on International Drive

By now, you should know that our never-ending mission is to find the most unique elements that make up our amazing city. We sincerely want to ensure that you know about all of those hot spots that you may be missing on your beeline to the theme parks. For the locals, we aim to show you why it's sometimes worth it to get out there and discover the fun you may be overlooking if you avoid exploring beyond your immediate community. That is genuinely the driving force behind our original reviews, and we found a truly remarkable "hidden gem" this time - DRIP on International Drive!

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