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January 26, 2018

TEXAS - The Alamo’s iconic battleground and stories are being brought to life through an upcoming augmented and virtual reality experience

It’s a groundbreaking union of technology and historical accuracy
 launching at one of the nation’s most significant landmarks

(SAN ANTONIO, TX – January 24, 2018)   One of the world’s most famous battle sites, the Alamo, is being recreated through an unparalleled union of historical scholarship and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Alamo Reality’s Experience Real History™:  Alamo Edition, is set to debut March 1, 2018 during San Antonio’s 300th birthday celebration and the 182nd anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. Currently, the Alamo is the most-visited site in Texas. This interactive photoreal journey back in time will greatly enhance the overall visitor experience, and is expected to increase the time and quality of visitation. 

The Alamo Reality app will be free and available to download on both iOS and Android devices. Premium level content including more augmented reality scenes, videos, and stories, may be accessed for only $2.99. The app enables users to explore over a dozen geo-targeted locations on the Alamo grounds where AR technologies will overlay the historic footprint of the Alamo onto the present-day site and incorporate the powerful stories of the diverse people who made it famous. The historic battlefield, now located in the center of downtown San Antonio, will be transformed into what it looked like before, during and after the famous 1836 battle.

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