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April 14, 2019

REVIEW - Live the History of Titanic on International Drive

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It's one thing to read about history - it's a whole other thing to live it! I have never really considered myself a history buff, but a few tales from the annals of time have managed to pique my interest and linger on my mind. One of those is the fateful story of the Titanic's maiden voyage. April 10th marked the 107th anniversary of the day the massive ship set sail from England, bound for New York, and we were fortunate enough to be invited to observe the occasion with the cast and crew of Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition on International Drive. 

Although the venue is home to more than 300 artifacts, historical pieces, and film memorabilia, it is not adequately described as a "museum". Recovered treasures and carefully preserved documents are presented in multiple galleries situated in a layout designed to represent the rooms and decks of the Titanic. Guests are issued replica boarding passes that individually assign them the identity and class of an actual passenger of the ship, and they are led through the galleries by guides in period attire assuming the roles of other Titanic notables like Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews, and "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown. All of these elements combine to create an absence of the sterility that you may expect at a museum. 

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I've always felt that the biggest single aspect that sets the venue apart is the incorporation of the guided tour. The roles are not portrayed by "attractions attendants", but rather by seasoned local actors and actresses - many of whom hold various other performance roles in town - and they are put through a fairly rigorous audition process that includes mastery of dialects and factual historic presentation. At the risk of sounding lazy, there is something much more appealing to not having to read the whole story as you peruse the galleries. It's not an aversion to reading that makes this a nice touch... it's the depth, sincerity, and genuine emotion that this type of approach brings that makes it so greatly appreciated. The tales of the diverse passengers and crew and the events that led to their united place in history is brilliantly, honestly, and respectfully presented - and it hits home.

Among the highlights of the Titanic exhibition are "Little Big Piece" (a 3-ton section of Titanic's hull and the second largest piece of Titanic ever recovered), a replica iceberg, and full room re-creations from recognizable scenes like the Grand Staircase. Additionally, Titanic's Dinner Gala takes place every Friday and Saturday night. Enjoy the Captain's cocktail party welcome reception, a guided tour of the exhibition galleries, four-course meal, and re-enactments of the night of April 14, 1912.

For more information on Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, or the Titanic Dinner Gala, click here, or follow Titanic on Instagram. Catch a sneak peek of the Titanic experience in our preview video below!

April 3, 2018

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition commemorates 106th anniversary with daily prize giveaways on April 10 – 13

WHAT: Come aboard the Titanic and celebrate the 106th anniversary of the infamous maiden voyage! Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will be hosting daily giveaways for attendees starting April 10 through the 13. Guest passengers will have a chance to draw from a variety of prizes including FREE photo booth sessions, FREE gift shop memorabilia, FREE dinner show "golden tickets” and much more! Claim your boarding pass now for a chance to win.

December 28, 2017

REVIEW: Titanic Gala Dinner Event

Photo: Titanic The Artifact Exhibition
All aboard for a one-of-a-kind experience as you set sail to cross the North Atlantic on the world's most luxurious ocean liner. She's been called the 'Ship of Dreams', but her name is Titanic. You can find this fabled vessel in one of the last places you may expect... on Orlando's International Drive.

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition is a year-round attraction that serves as a clever combination museum-show experience. Guests have the option of a self-led tour, or a guided tour with an authentically tailored period character through the series of recreated scenes and hundreds of artifacts. And, if you really want to make it a first-class experience, jump into your mental time machine for the Titanic Gala Dinner Event!

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