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September 25, 2014

CSI - A Tale of Three Cities

I am a huge fan of forensic studies, and the psychology of a criminal mind. I have read far too many true crime books, and I will never admit to the number of hours of Discovery ID programming I have cycling through my DVR. Armchair criminalist? Yes, I am!

How is it even conceivable that I only recently began watching CSI? Actually, there is an explanation for this. I had soured on original television programming at one point, and the original CSI came out during my hiatus. By the time I realized there was a reason or two to give TV another try, the show was a couple of seasons in. In fact, this was about the time the first spin-off, CSI: Miami was in its first season. I have a silly little quirk that simply won't allow me to go jumping into a long-running series willy-nilly. I kept putting off watching any of it, until I could figure out how to start from the very beginning, and do it in the proper sequence - crossovers considered, of course. Everyone who knew me, urged me to watch it, and channel surfing moments often found me stopping on an episode of one CSI series or another... but I never managed to catch a full episode. 

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