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August 16, 2017

Original Dancer Performs Final Show at DRIP’s 500th Show

This is your last chance to see how it all began!

Photo: Carl Jordan
Orlando, Fl - The last chance to see the original dancer, Jessie Sander, perform in DRIP’s International Drive show is Saturday, August 26, 2017 during DRIP’s 500th show. Jessie Sander is switching into a new role at DRIP as a performance director.

Jessie Sander joined DRIP in 2011 before the show opened on International Drive. She was a part of the fundraising phase, painted the building, stage managed and performed as the first “Yellow” character in the show. Sander performed the first 100 shows without an understudy and is finishing her reign after being an integral part of over 500 shows and special events.

Jessie has had a huge hand in helping shape DRIP into what it is today. She originated the role of “Yellow” and then went on to perform every single role in the show. Her knowledge of the ins and outs of the show, interaction with the messy mediums and audience experience makes her invaluable as a director. explains DRIP founder and creative director Jessica Mariko.

If you were to have asked me 5 years ago where I see myself today I would never have imagined becoming a director for DRIP. It has been such a rewarding experience to build this project from the ground up. Knowing what it has taken to get to where we are makes me ecstatic for the future. Said Jessie Sander. As DRIP's performance director, I will work closely with our group of passionate artists to create bigger, better and messier projects. I'm most excited to work with our team on events in the community and find ways to give back to the city beautiful that has supported DRIP for the last 11 years!

June 26, 2017

REVIEW: Studio K - Orlando

Our Spring/Summer Series focuses primarily on restaurants and hotels, but we do make room for those exceptional fun spots that need to be worked into your spring/summer plans. Studio K (a strikingly original dance studio, run by an equally remarkable woman) is a bit different for us, but easily a fast favorite! Regardless of your age, size, experience, or even your status as a local or a tourist - you may be surprised to find that Studio K is absolutely perfect for YOU!

Photos: Studio K

First, a little background as to how we came to find Studio K. This was actually a fateful stumble upon as I was trying to help Sierra find a ballet class. We quickly discovered that this was no easy feat! Call after call - and everyone seemed to have classes for three types of people: beginners who were toddlers and young children, adults who had been dancing since diapers, or the very wealthy who could invest in high-priced private instruction. Sierra is a beginner, 20 years old, and a retail cashier, so none of these opportunities fit her at all. Then, I found Studio K. Something about the philosophy displayed on the Studio K website really spoke to me, and I knew I had finally struck gold! As I perused the class schedule, I was stunned to discover that some of the classes even intrigued ME, and I had absolutely no interest in dance at all. I am the furthest thing from graceful, and I am not the picture of youthful fitness. No way could I (or should I) be trying to dance in a public place, where people could actually witness such a debacle! BUT... Studio K has lightsaber fitness! How could I pass up the opportunity to share that with our readers? I decided it was worth the sacrifice of my dignity to give it a shot.

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