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April 5, 2019

REVIEW: The Price is Right Live at Bob Carr Theater

One of the longest running daytime game shows in television history, The Price is Right first aired on CBS in 1972. With that being said, I do realize that I am not at all unique when I say that I grew up with this show. It was a weekday tradition, and wow, did my grandma have a crush on Bob Barker! Cousins, aunts, neighbors - whoever happened to be around for that magical hour of daytime excitement played along, and it gave us all an excuse to pay a little more attention to what we were spending in the grocery store! Let's face it - The Price is Right is THE all-American game show. In September of 2003, The Price is Right Live premiered at Harrah's Reno, eventually spawning a touring version of the production that toured the nation. We were fortunate enough to attend the event during its most recent run through Orlando at Bob Carr Theater.

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