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July 23, 2014

'Continuum' Thrills - Down to the Last Minute

**This article originally appeared on the Yahoo Voices content network on July 2, 2014. It has been republished here due to the shutdown of Voices and YCN.**

Of all the shows on television today, Syfy's "Continuum" may arguably hold the honor of dishing up the most mind-bending season finales. It's not unusual for a dramatic show to seemingly wrap up most of the season's grand dilemmas in the season closer or even to unveil the beginnings of an impending threat or problem waiting to reveal itself more deeply in the upcoming season. We do love to hate those cliffhangers, after all! Here's where "Continuum" adds a twist - they take the aforementioned formula one step further. In the last five minutes of the season finale, everything turns upside-down, and whatever new calamity is lurking always presents itself in a way that leaves you with absolutely nothing but elaborately erroneous theories, as you wonder exactly what it is that you even saw at that final moment. It's the cruelest of cliffhangers, and it leaves you practically drooling for more. The third season's epic finale, entitled "Last Minute," stayed true to form, in a roller coaster ride of gut-wrenching twists and turns.

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